College Football Rankings: LSU vs. Oklahoma, Who's Better?

Stephen UrbaniakCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2011

College Football Rankings: LSU vs. Oklahoma, Who's Better?

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    The new AP rankings have come out, and the LSU Tigers have overtaken the Oklahoma Sooners for the No. 1 ranking and the title of the 'best team in all of football'.

    LSU and Oklahoma have not met in a game since the 2004 Sugar Bowl, when these two teams met for the BCS National Championship, a game that LSU prevailed 21-14.

    With LSU and Oklahoma now the No. 1 and No. 2 ranked teams in the country, if the season were to end today, these two teams would meet in New Orleans for the national championship.

    Now that the updated rankings have been released, now the debate begins:

    Who's the better team at the top of the BCS? No.1 LSU or No.2 Oklahoma? 

    Here are five slides that will try to put some sense into the madness:

1. Why Oklahoma Is Better Than LSU

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    Oklahoma is better than LSU because of the man pictured above. 

    Landry Jones is one of the best quarterbacks in the country, and he has some outstanding skill players around him.

    In Oklahoma's win against Missouri, the Sooners' offense started slow and it showed. 

    Landry Jones got everyone settled down, and starting firing strikes all over the field.

    On offense, the Sooners have Dominique Whaley and Ray Finch at running back, and they have All-American receiver Ryan Broyles and some promising young guys led by Jazz Reynolds with him. 

    Landry Jones threw for 448 yards and three touchdowns to Ryan Broyles in their latest win, and they look to form one of the most potent passing tandems in the country.

    Dominique Whaley ran for tough yards against Missouri's defense, and he would be able to gain those same tough yards against LSU's defense.

    Ryan Broyles and the rest of the Sooners' wideouts would give Tyrann Matheiu and the rest of the Tigers' secondary fits with their ability to get deep and make the tough catches.

Why Oklahoma Is NOT Better Than LSU

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    On the flip side, Oklahoma is not better than LSU because the Tigers' defense is downright scary and they can stop the run. 

    The Tigers can defend the pass almost as good as anyone in the nation.

    DBs Tyrann Matheiu and Morris Claiborne are ball-hawking players who fly to the ball and will make plays in the passing game.

    Offensively, the Tigers are paced by QB Jarrett Lee and can play keep-away with RB Michael Ford.  They will grind opposing defenses into the turf with their physical style.

    Defensively, the Sooners are keyed by All-American LB Travis Lewis and they have very few other impact players and they would need all the help they could get in covering the Tigers' offense.

    If Oklahoma and LSU were to meet, the Tigers would have enough defensively to pressure Landry Jones into making mistakes, as Jones has proven that he can be mistake-prone as he threw two interceptions in the games against Florida State and Missouri.

    If LSU can get a big lead, they have rarely been challenged by teams that try to come from behind and their defense has been key.

    If LSU wins the national championship, it will be because of their defense and QB Jarrett Lee.

3. Why LSU Could Beat Oklahoma

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    LSU can play keep away and they can also throw it deep on offense.  QB Jarrett Lee has filled in admirably for the suspended Jordan Jefferson.

    In their win against West Virginia, the Tigers grinded the Mountaineers on offense as they controlled the game from start to finish.

    LSU limited LaMichael James to season-lows in yardage on the ground as they beat then-No. 3 Oregon at the beginning of the season. 

    The key to beat Oklahoma is to spread their defense out and to make them play man coverage, which some of the Sooners' secondary doesn't do too well.

    You can get them to bite on backside throws where you take the defense one way, and throw to the other side.

    Another key to beating the Sooners is to not get one-dimensional as Missouri did last night. 

    The Sooners' defensive line is aggressive, and running the football directly at them will neutralize their penetration and make them play smart and play their lanes.

4. Why LSU Would Lose to Oklahoma

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    LSU would lose to Oklahoma, simply because Ryan Broyles has proven that he can take over a game. 

    The All-American receiver would simply burn the smaller LSU defensive backs and he would have a big game.

    Last night, Broyles had three touchdown receptions as he was constantly open against the overmatched Missouri secondary and was getting deep on a regular basis.

    Broyles was a key difference maker in the Sooners' Big 12 win. 

    Landry Jones has connected with Broyles for 32 offensive touchdowns, the most by a QB/WR duo in the country. 

    LSU would have no answer for the offensive weapons of the Sooners, and defensively, they would do just enough to preserve a close Oklahoma win.

5. The Winner Is...

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    The winner of a potential LSU/Oklahoma game would be the Oklahoma Sooners.

    The Sooners are loaded on offense, and they have a defense that would be adequate enough to stop LSU. 

    The Sooners would try to go for the throat early, and Landry Jones would look to Ryan Broyles to establish an early lead.

    LSU would look to run the football and come out on offense and smack Oklahoma right in the teeth. 

    QB Jarrett Lee would lead the Tigers to a respectable finish, but the multiple weapons the Sooners boast on offense would be too much for the Tigers to handle.

    Predicted Final Score:  (1) LSU 39, (2) Oklahoma 41