Conference Realignment: The 3 Biggest Losers When the Dust Settles

Daniel BrommerCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2011

Conference Realignment: The 3 Biggest Losers When the Dust Settles

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    The super conferences appear to be a go, and it's join-while-you-can for some teams.

    Texas A&M and Missouri will join the SEC.

    Pitt and Syracuse will join the ACC.

    It's rumored that Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State are a package deal for either the Pac-12 or the Big Ten.

    If those four teams join either conference, it's widely known that the other conferences will add more teams. The Big 12 looks to be the conference that will lose the most, which might be the conference itself.

    The Big East will have plenty of new faces, with Iowa State and Baylor already showing interest in joining.

    With all of these new conferences, it's going to be very hard for non-conference teams to make it to the BCS Championship.

    A playoff isn't going to happen for at least a couple more years. In the meantime, these conferences are going to be superior to every other team, leaving the "little guys" behind and diminishing any chance of a Cinderella...

3. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

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    Notre Dame does have a special clause in the BCS that states if they win a certain amount of games, they get an immediate BCS bid.

    Will that same clause still exist if these super conferences are formed?

    The SEC, Big Ten and Pac-12 will be even better. Even the ACC will have an argument to getting the nod before Notre Dame.

    Not only that, Notre Dame will get left in the dust if they don't join a conference, which they aren't predicted to do. Notre Dame will stay as an independent because they get too much money, plain and simple, but that's going to hurt them, especially if a playoff is finally established.

    The super conferences will give teams in those conferences such an advantage to getting BCS bids, even if they have two losses. Remember when LSU made it to the national championship with two losses? It's going to be like that with the super conferences.

    Notre Dame will get left in the dust for the simple reason that they won't be in a conference and thus will be looked down upon.

2. TCU Horned Frogs

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    If anyone is suffering, it's TCU.

    They are leaving the Mountain West, which is for the best.

    They're joining a BCS conference, but will the Big East even be relevant? Did TCU make a mistake by not joining the SEC or the Big Ten? TCU could have been one of the teams that really made a statement by joining a big-time conference that would provide more competition.

    No offense to the Big East, but the Big East could also be one of those conferences that diminishes with the shifting of the conferences. Will West Virginia or Rutgers want to stick around? It almost seems like they would jump ship to the SEC or even the ACC.

    With UConn join the ACC as predicted? That would leave just a handful of teams, and TCU would be lost in the muck. They thought they were joining a good conference that would give them a sure bet of making a BCS bowl game if they won the conference.

    Now they don't know if the conference will even be there or if it will be relevant.

1. Boise State Broncos

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    Boise State is still in the Mountain West, and at this time next year, they will still be in the Mountain West.

    Any chance of making it to a BCS bowl game will be gone. They will no longer be considered a Cinderella, and they will be left behind by the super conferences.

    Boise State could've joined a conference that actually had some meaning last year. In their defense, they joined the Mountain West hoping to play against TCU and Utah. Instead, both of those teams have departed, as well as BYU, which became an independent team.

    Boise State needed to join the Pac-12. That seemed the most relevant for them to do, but instead they stayed in the world of mediocrity and joined a weak conference. Boise State has proven that they can play with the big name teams, but besides the non-conference schedule, will they even get a chance to prove themselves anymore?

    Boise State is the biggest loser in the conference realignments because they will be left behind and left with an even bigger task of making a BCS bowl game or the BCS championship game.