Florida Gators Preparing for Their First Away Game

Mark Pepponi@gmaster1968Correspondent ISeptember 23, 2011

Florida Gators Preparing for Their First Away Game

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    Although the Florida Gators are a good team, they have used the swamp to their advantage this season. It's going to be different this week at Kentucky. They must  change some critical components to their formula. And guess what: This article is being written by Mark's son, Jacob. I guess writing is in my blood, and yes, I do bleed BLUE and ORANGE just like my dad!

Chris Rainey and Jeff Demps Worries

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    As you can see in the video, Jeff can run, and I mean run! Chris Rainey is the other lead runner on the team, but Charlie Weis needs to allow the other running backs to get more game time. If the Gators lose either one of these star players, it would be crucial to the season.

John Brantley in the Pocket

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    The photo screams 1,000 words. If this becomes a usual sight for the Gators, they will have no quarterback by the end of the season. That is including Driskel. His first pass was an interception and he left after that play—that probably wasn't the "best taste in his mouth," if you ask me.

Penalties and How to Avoid Them

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    The last game against Tennessee proved to be a record-setting performance for the the Gators defense, but not for the good of it.The Gators had the most penalties called on them since 1994 against Vanderbilt, and it was the defense mostly to blame. I mean, if you liked the color yellow, it was a game for you— the penalty flags were everywhere.

Linemen Expectations This Season

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    As much as these linemen might look like powerhouses that protect the quarterback, it is a different story sometimes. The linemen need to protect John Brantley in their best abilities, which in my opinion, hasn't been that great. On the other hand, the defensive line has been wonderful so far. The offensive line needs to shape up and the defensive line needs to stay reliable.