Oregon Football: Top 10 Reasons America Hates the Ducks

Nate Hanson@natemhansonCorrespondent IISeptember 20, 2011

Oregon Football: Top 10 Reasons America Hates the Ducks

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    There are a few teams in sports that fans across America love to hate. A few come to mind: The New York Yankees, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Dallas Cowboys.

    It's time to add a new team to that list: The Oregon Ducks.

    Since 2001, the Oregon Ducks football team has been on the rise. They have won a BCS game, had a few Heisman Trophy finalists, a Doak Walker award winner, and lots of NCAA records.The recent success of the Oregon football team has nothing to do with people hating them, though.

    People hate the Ducks because of their swagger. They hate the Ducks not because the Ducks win, but because of how the Ducks win.

    Here are the Top 10 reasons America loves to hate the Oregon Ducks.

Honorable Mention

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    Autzen Stadium:

    Oregon fans are in love with Autzen Stadium, calling it the loudest stadium in the country.

    The rest of America looks at places like Tiger Stadium, The Horseshoe, Beaver Stadium or Bryant Denny Stadium, with capacities ranging from 90,000 to more than 100,000, and ask how a stadium that officially seats 54,000 can even compete?

    Sure, Autzen Stadium is usually close to 61,000 for every game, but that doesn't change the fact that it doesn't have those high-rising walls that just scare the snot out of opposing players. The fans are loud and proud; there just aren't as many there.

    America hates that Oregon fans love their tiny stadium. America hates that Oregon fans think people don't want to play in it (when really, they just don't want to fly all the way to Eugene, Oregon.)

No. 10: Supwitchugirl Videos

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    The only people that love the "I Love My Ducks" video put out by the University of Oregon band Supwitchugirl are Supwitchugirl and Oregon Ducks fans.

    For fans of other teams, they hate listening to this song on The Dan Patrick Show on Premiere Radio Networks (video). They hate watching the video get 1.5 million views on YouTube.

    It's annoying. It's repetitive. It's overplayed. If it didn't have a large fan base watching it, it would have 100 views on YouTube.

    Oregon fans love it; everyone else hates it.

No. 9: Flash Cards

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    Just call the dang play already!

    No one is really sure what they mean, but everyone is sure that they bug the heck out of them. The Oregon Ducks use flash cards to signal their plays to the players.

    Chip Kelly makes it sound like it's no big deal—like they just use things that help the players remember the formation and the blocking scheme. But all of America is pretty sure Kelly purposefully uses certain images just to draw attention and get people talking about them.

    Again, Oregon fans love them; everyone else can't stand looking at them or hearing about them one more time.

No. 8: Chip Kelly

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    To Oregon Ducks fans, he is called "savior." To everyone else he is just an annoying coach with snarky remarks. Does everything he say have to be so rude? Does he have to try to make everything quotable?

    Chip Kelly is the best thing to happen to the Oregon Ducks, and the worst thing to happen to everyone else. He has a couple good seasons and suddenly everyone in Eugene is ready to crown him the greatest coach of all time.

    Can everyone agree that him refunding a fan's ticket cost for the 2009 Boise State game was pretty classy?

    Oregon fans will say it was; everyone else will say it was a ploy to look good or to get media attention.

No. 7: The Oregon Duck's Push-Ups

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    The Oregon Duck mascot does push-ups after the team scores points—one push-up for each point scored. The camera always centers on the Duck doing the push-ups. The television crew always makes some comment about how he must be tired. The announcers then scramble to try to figure out how many push-ups he has done so far in the game or the season.

    Enough already!

    Is it such a big deal? Lots of mascots do push-ups after a team scores, you know! Does Puddles have to be so territorial with other mascots?

    Ducks fans, no one likes your mascot but you.

No. 6: The Blount Punch

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    Sure, the Boise State Broncos deserve to finally be the victim of a cheap-shot instead of the ones always delivering the cheap-shots and late hits, but this was uncalled for.

    LeGarrette Blount punched Bryon Hout after a 19-8 loss at the hands of the Boise State Broncos. All summer Blount had been running his mouth about how they were going to give Boise a "[censored] whoppin'." He came through on that promise, but it was well after whistles were being blown.

    Oregon would tell you that a couple players have had a few incidents that have dragged the program in the mud a bit. The rest of America would tell you that there is a long list of offenses committed by Ducks players because they think they are better than everyone else.

    Jeremiah Masoli stole laptops, and then lied about it. Cliff Harris drove 118 mph on Interstate 5. Darron Thomas was in the car for three different traffic violations by his teammates.

    Is there no justice?

No. 5: ESPN

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    For years Oregon Ducks fans have been begging ESPN and the east coast media to take notice of the football being played in Eugene, Oregon. Recently, media outlets like ESPN have done far more than that.

    America is tired of turning on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 and ESPN News and having to watch the green and yellow Oregon Ducks get more and more airtime.

    ESPN's famous Saturday morning television program College GameDay is now a regular at Autzen Stadium. ESPN also chooses to spotlight many Oregon Ducks games in their prime 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern time slot.

    Oregon fans adore this media love. They love ESPN's romance with the Ducks. They love being highlighted all over the airwaves.

    The rest of America? Not so much.

No. 4: The Attitude

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    Oregon fans call it "swagger;" America calls it "rude dudes with 'tudes."

    Chip Kelly always preaches that his team just focuses on the next game and not the media hype or where his team is ranked in the polls. But it seems like some members of his team have their heads in the clouds and are staring at the stars.

    Take Cliff Harris for example—the reason most of America hates the Ducks. Even if all he did was nickname that BCS National Championship Game "The Natty," that'd be enough for people to instantly hate the Ducks.

    But it doesn't stop there. He also thinks he is God's gift to the defensive secondary and that he can drive as fast as he wants (118 mph) on the road. He doesn't believe rules apply to him.

    Or maybe you're an Oregon State Beaver fan and you take offense at Harris referring to you as Oregon's "little brother".

    And then there's Chip Kelly. He acts like every opponent is the same. You hate that he doesn't respect your team any more than he respects Missouri State or New Mexico. What is his problem?

No. 3: Phil Knight & Nike

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    Phil Knight ("Uncle Phil" if you're an Oregon Ducks fan) has done so much for the University of Oregon. The co-founder of Nike, he has donated money for renovations to Autzen Stadium, built Matthew Knight Arena, built a new football operations building and many other buildings. Oregon fans love him to death.

    How do fans of other schools feel about him? It's kind of like that rich kid at school that always had the nice clothes, drove an expensive car and didn't even work. Yeah, it's kind of like that.

    Phil Knight is like that grandpa that spoils his grandkids whenever they come to his house. Except, in the case of the Oregon Ducks, they live in Phil Knight's house.

    America believes that the Ducks didn't earn any of their success—they bought it. Actually, Phil Knight bought it and then gave it to Oregon.

    Now you're not wondering so much why I compared the Oregon Ducks to the New York Yankees, are you? They both believe they can buy victories.

No. 2: Uniforms

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    The last thing America wants to do is turn on their television set and watch someone puke. That's kind of what it's like watching an Oregon Ducks football game these days.

    All America hears about is the more than 500 uniform combinations the Ducks have and how Phil Knight and Nike create new jerseys for them nearly everyday. They have teams at Nike devoted to coming up with clothes for Oregon.

    Sometimes the first question people ask about an Oregon Ducks game is, "What did they wear?"

    What is this? A GQ Magazine photo shoot?

    America can't stand that Oregon get the latest and greatest uniforms and equipment from Nike simply because Nike's founder graduated from Oregon.

    It's not fair! It's not fair!

No. 1: Annoying Fans

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    The No. 1 reason America hates the Oregon Ducks is their annoying fans.

    They just won't shut up. Not only do they talk about how much they love their Ducks, they wear a t-shirt screaming it.

    They scream the letter "O" the entire time the Ducks are on defense.

    America can't stand that!

    Ducks fans love to yell about how they're going to dominate the SEC, but then their offensive line gets blown up by the SEC defensive lines when the games are actually played.

    Here's a news flash from the people of America: Oregon fans need to shut up!

    I'm sure people who hate the Ducks could come up with a hundred more reasons why they dislike them, but I love the Oregon Ducks so I'm going to stop there.

    Why do you think America loves to hate the Oregon Ducks?