Heisman Watch 2011: Heisman Candidates with Shaky NFL Draft Stock

Nathan LoweryCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2011

Heisman Watch 2011: Heisman Candidates with Shaky NFL Draft Stock

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    Winning the Heisman Trophy is never a guarantee of success in the NFL.

    We've seen countless examples that just because you're the greatest player in college football doesn't mean you will get you name called early on draft day.

    Look at Eric Crouch, Charlie Ward, Chris Weinke, Jason White and Troy Smith. All were Heisman Trophy winners but were taken in the later rounds of the draft and have shown none of the excellence on the field that won them that Heisman.

    We see in 2011 that we have several Heisman candidates who should be more worried about Draft Day than winning that Heisman.

Kellen Moore

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    One of the more prolific passers and game leaders in NCAA history, Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore, who finished fourth in last year's voting, will most likely be drafted in the later rounds come April.

    And the reason is rather odd.

    It's not because he has poor mechanics, bad character or great ability on the field. It's his size.

    Moore stands only at 6'1" and weighs 191 pounds, something draft scouts always seem to run away from. Moore is a great leader and will probably lead Boise State to an undefeated season and pass for over 40 touchdowns but won't be a first round draft pick.

Robert Griffin III

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    Griffin entered the Heisman race this year after a shootout win over ranked TCU.

    He has great mobility, good enough passing skills and is leading a BCS Buster team that will be generating a lot of hype for him and Baylor.

    However, draft scouts will knock him down for his arm strength, mechanics and the fact that he plays in a spread offense.

    Cam Newton squeaked by last year only because he had a cannon arm.

Denard Robinson

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    'Shoelace' is one of the most electrifying players on the college landscape right now but will be lucky to get drafted.

    The dual threat quarterback plays poorly in a pro style offense and is better and broken plays, something the NFL frowns upon.

    Robinson as well is small in stature at 6'1" and 193 pounds.

    Possibly he could be drafted as a wide receiver, but Eric Crouch and Pat White will show you why that doesn't end up well.

Case Keenum

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    Keenum is currently chasing after Graham Harrell for the top spot of greatest passer in NCAA History, but Harrell went undrafted and the two are very similar.

    Both are of similar size at 6'2" and 210 pounds, a size that most scouts don't go drooling over and both played in the similar Air Raid offense that doesn't favor what the NFL wants.

Russell Wilson

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    Wilson is a great passer that has the ability to make big plays on the ground as well. His transfer to Wisconsin, a pro style offensive team, would make him huge in the draft.

    But there is just one problem that we saw with Kellen Moore, but this is much worse.

    Wilson is only 5'11".

    NFL teams love size with players getting bigger and Wilson just doesn't make the cut.