BYU vs. Utah: Grading the Cougars' Worst Loss Ever

Ryan TeeplesCorrespondent ISeptember 19, 2011

BYU vs. Utah: Grading the Cougars' Worst Loss Ever

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    It’s the worst BYU loss I can recall. And it’s not bad just because of the score. It’s bad because BYU had a shot and decided they just wanted to give this one away.

    It’s like they felt bad for Utah fans. You know, the economy is tough and many of them are jobless. BYU players acted like they wanted to give them the only Christmas they will have this year.

    The team flat gave up. And that may be the most disturbing aspect of this game.

    I think Bronco Mendenhall is a great coach, and the right fit for BYU. But if that performance came from Michigan against Ohio State, its coaches may be fired this morning.

    Now for the grades.

Quarterback(s): D

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    After a horrible fumble, it looked as though Jake Heaps might earn his A of the season, as he headed into the locker room with over 200 yards passing and a nice long touchdown.

    Then the second half came.

    Over and over again, Heaps failed to make good passes, especially on third down. The uncanny accuracy we’ve all heard about for so long has yet to materialize.

    Heaps did manage to get up over 300 yards passing for the first time this season, but that’s the shiniest part of the turd that was this game.

    Riley Nelson got his shot, moved the ball, then fumbled and had it returned for a touchdown.

Running Backs: F

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    We might be willing to forgive a lack of running production from this group were there just no openings. But they were actually running the ball well in the first quarter before this corps gave the ball away on subsequent possessions when BYU was actually moving the ball and could have taken a solid lead.

Offensive Line: D

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    Granted, they didn’t fumble. But they also didn’t block well at all. There were no holes for running backs during the game, and Heaps was rushed continuously.

    And this group set the tone of the game on the first drive with a bad snap which led to the first turnover and touchdown.

Wide Receivers: C

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    This group might have had its best showing, oddly enough.

    Cody Hoffman had the breakout performance he needed. Apo had a sold showing. But on third down, this group still had some trouble making connections with Heaps.

    And it’s not their fault Brandon Doman refuses to stretch the field.

Defensive Line and Linebackers: C-

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    Until those couple last touchdowns in the fourth when Utah was running the clock down, I’d have given this group a C+.

    But they were on the field way, way, WAY too much the entire game. The offense sputtered the entire second half and these guys had short fields all night.

    In the first quarter, they were downright awesome, showing a mean streak and really getting after it. Unfortunately, they seemed to give in like everyone else.

Corners: D+

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    Poor tackling, a dropped interception at a critical point, and a ridiculous number of pass interference penalties (especially on third down) doomed this group.

    Jordan Wynn didn’t throw for a ton of yards against this group, but he didn’t need to.

Coaching, Special Teams and Intangibles: F-

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    The team was undisciplined (8 penalties for 70 yards in 3 quarters), unprepared (fumbles, miscues on offense) and the coaches were just plain awful.

    Seven turnovers in a single game against what may be your toughest opponent in the most heated game of the year is completely and totally unacceptable.

    No adjustments were made in the second half. The play calling in the second was again very suspect.

    This coaching staff now has to do some serious CPR, or this team could be lost forever.