College Football Uniforms Report Card From Week 3

David Luther@@davidrlutherFeatured ColumnistSeptember 19, 2011

College Football Uniforms Report Card From Week 3

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    Last week, we issued our first report card on the new college football uniforms that are sweeping the nation.

    Now that we've had another week to see another round of new unis, it must be time for another report card!

    Some programs got back to basics this week, and some sported yet another new combination or color schemes.  Week 3 might have been a little thin in the new uniform department, but several teams have announced their intention to sport new uniforms over the next couple of weeks as the conference season gets into full swing.

    So who's making the grade this week, and who's trying to creatively doctor the report card before the parents get wise?

Arizona State

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    The Sun Devils are again on our report card list and they have unveiled yet another new uniform, this time on the road.

    Last week, the Sun Devils earned an A with with their new home, all-black uniforms with a matte black helmet adorned with Sun Devils' pitch fork.

    This week, the Devils were on the road at Illinois. Unfortunately, the final score didn't end in favor of ASU, but the Sun Devils sure looked good, even if they lost.

    Arizona State basically went with the inverse of last week's slick uniforms. Replace the black with white, and you have the general idea. While the scheme worked out OK, it just didn't have the same mojo that last week's unis did. We understand they're away uniforms, and will probably be less impressive that home get-ups, but we still expected more.

    Uniform Grade: B


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    The Terrapins continue to break out the new and unique uniforms.

    Last week's eyesores received a C- grade, and for good reason. Yes, they were unique. Yes, they were creative. But, yes, they were way too busy.

    Thankfully, the Terps toned it down a bit this week in their game against West Virginia.

    Like the Sun Devils, the Terps ended up on the losing side of their game, but at least they weren't being laughed at for what they were wearing.

    A black uniform and matte black helmet highlighted with red and yellow gave these uniforms a much more intimidating look than last week's version. The helmet was truly an exercise in simplicity.

    Now, if only they could figure out a way to work in their pretty cool logo...

    Uniform Grade: B-

Oklahoma State

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    In a game that didn't finish until after 4:30 a.m. Eastern, the Cowboys walked off the field with yet another win, this time over Tulsa.

    The game was originally scheduled to start at 10 p.m. EDT, but that was pushed back until 1:15 a.m. (12:15 a.m. local time)—the latest time the NCAA allows a game to start—due to lightning in the Tulsa area.

    Unfortunately, that meant that there weren't many people either in the stands or watching on television to see Oklahoma State thrash the Golden Hurricane all over the field. While the Cowboys were busy brushing past the Hurricane, those few who did happen to catch the game may have noticed Oklahoma State's away uniforms.

    After the first two weeks, in which they received a C and B+, respectively, the Cowboys took their new wardrobe on the road.

    The white uniform with orange-and-black trim, black pants and white helmet was simple, clean, unoffensive and pretty basic. There wasn't anything “wow” about this new away uniform, but there wasn't anything to complain about either.

    Uniform Grade: B-


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    After Oregon received an A- in their Week 1 uniforms against LSU, the Ducks' grade point average took a nose dive with a D+ in Week 2.

    Week 3 saw Oregon get back a little closer to normal—at least for Oregon.

    It was basic Oregon green jerseys and pants, silver wings on the shoulders and yellow numbers. It was not anywhere near some of the visually assaulting combinations we've seen from the Ducks, but not one of their greatest combos, either.

    Uniform Grade: B-

Texas Tech

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    The Red Raiders make their first appearance on our weekly uniform report card, and what a week it is.

    Unsurprisingly, the Raiders won their matchup with New Mexico, 59-13.

    In doing so, the Red Raiders improved to 2-0 on the season heading into their final final non-conference game of the season next week when they host Nevada.

    The nearly all-white uniforms were pretty atypical for Texas Tech, but the Raiders pulled it off fairly impressively. The black highlights contrasted well, as did the Texas Tech dark red numbers.

    The white helmet with the black-and-red logo brought the whole thing together, and the Red Raiders get our highest grade of the week in their first attempt.

    Uniform Grade: A-