No Bite in Tigers: What Is Wrong With LSU?

MikeContributor INovember 24, 2008

The 2008 LSU football season has been one of ups and downs. A lot of people are pointing fingers at LSU redshirt freshman Jarrett Lee, Head Coach Les Miles, and LSU's two Co-Defensive Coordinators.

Jarrett Lee was supposed to be the third team QB this year for the Tigers and learn from former junior Ryan Perrilloux and soph. Andrew Hatch. Well, as we all know, it didn't happen that way, and Lee has taken a beating from the LSU fans. Hopefully Jordan Jefferson has learned what he can and can step in and ignite this team.

Les Miles is even starting to get his share of the knocks for his decision to hire two defensive coordinators. In some systems that idea may be a good one. But it is not working here, and something needs to be done about it quickly.

This LSU team has more problems than the ones I mentioned above. One of the biggest problems I see is that since the loss to Alabama, this team has lost its "bite." They are not playing with the heart and soul that you would usually see from an LSU team. No one on this team has stepped up and become a leader, and personally I don't think anyone will this year.

The offensive line has not been all that good on several occasions this year. Picking up just 37 yards on 29 carries against Ole Miss was just horrible. Lee and Jefferson had little or no time to throw the ball.

This is not to mention a few dropped passes here and there that could have been big plays for LSU. One receiver (I won't mention his name) I have noticed of late looks as if he would rather be elsewhere and not on the field. He has dropped passes, missed blocks that could have turned into big plays, and not helped any of the QBs out at all.

The defensive backs and linebackers have looked totally confused in most of LSU's games this year. Thus that has led to several big plays by the opposition.

These are just some of the things I see wrong with this team and is just my opinion.