College Football Rankings 2011: Five Reasons OSU Is Overrated

Jayson LoveCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2011

College Football Rankings 2011: Five Reasons OSU Is Overrated

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    Ohio State came into the season ranked in the top 25. This despite losing five players to suspension, one of whom (Terrelle Pryor) bolting for the NFL.

    This is despite losing its head coach Jim Tressel, who basically resigned rather than face disciplinary action due to the scandal at OSU.

    OSU players were accused of selling memorabilia in exchange for free tattoos, and the ensuing fall out led to these suspensions.

    Two lackluster performances in wins in Weeks 1 and 2 of 2011 still had this program ranked in the top 25.

    Here are five reasons this team is overrated! 

5. Offseason Woes

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    How can a team who lost its coach and star quarterback due to scandal come into the following season ranked? 

    The Ohio State Buckeyes pulled that off this season. Embattled in scandal, Ohio State was to have Terrelle Pryor suspended for the first five games of 2011. 

    Pryor left the program along with head coach Jim Tressel. The Bucks also had five other players suspended for five weeks: Leading rusher Dan Herron, starting wide receiver Devier Posey, All-Big Ten offensive tackle Mike Adams and backup defensive end Solomon Thomas must sit out.  

    Somehow, sporting a new quarterback, coach, and several first time starters, the team found itself ranked in the top 25 coming into the season.

4. Inexperience at Key Positions

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    Key positions such as quarterback and running back take some getting used to, particularly at the college level. All quarterbacks will have growing pains, and that was very evident this week in Miami. 

    Joe Buaserman completed just 2-14 passes for just 13 yards and looked flustered in the face of pressure all day. He led his team to just six points and was replaced by Braxton Miller.  

    With Herron out, sophomore running back Carlos Hyde and junior Jordan Hall looked good this weekend, totaling a combined 141 yards. But without an effective passing game, can these two keep it up? Hall also cramped up during this weeks game.

    Still, it is difficult to win without your leading rusher, and OSU faces three more games without Herron.

3. Ranked Since 2004

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    This week marks the first time since November 28th, 2004.  

    Despite the losses Ohio State faced coming into the season, and the scandal in which OSU was embattled, I believe the AP was hesitant to place OSU out of the top 25 coming into the season since it would be the first time out of the ranking since '04.

    The AP didn't want to penalize the Buckeyes for offseason suspensions, and rewarded them for their ranking at the end of last season.  

2. Flagship Program of the Big Ten

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    The Big Ten is one of the nation's most heralded and premiere conferences. One of the flagship programs of that conference is OSU, due to its performance over the past seven years.

    Therefore, going into any season, voters give Big Ten programs like OSU and Michigan the benefit of the doubt going into the season.

    With all the suspended players and uncertainty going into the season, OSU was ranked and did not lose its ranking until being blown out by Miami this week.

1. Others Receiving Votes, Ohio State , 16

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    Why on earth should this program still be receiving AP votes off of their performance in their first three games of 2011?

    They blew out a patsy in Akron in Week 1, allowing Akron to hang within seven points for much of the first half, they nearly lost to Toledo, and were held to six points and just four completions by Miami this weekend.

    The fact that OSU continues to receive votes makes Luke Fickell's team OVERRATED!