2011 SEC Week 3 Wrap Up: LSU Tops Power Rankings

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2011

Defense wins in this league.
Defense wins in this league.Butch Dill/Getty Images

Intensity was a key element in every game—it was just a matter of who had it in the SEC.

We led off last week with Auburn, and therefore, we will lead off with them again.

I was wrong, once again, on Auburn and by doing so I misled myself concerning Kentucky. Ya' give people credit and what do they do? You guessed it.

Auburn's defense did exactly what it was supposed to do.....give up yards. Auburn's offense did exactly what it was supposed to do....gain yards. Where is the problem here?

The Gus Malzahn offense wasn't as explosive as it should have been. Most of the Auburn fans are on the "fire Ted Roof" road as we speak and for good measure. A team should be able to win scoring 28 points. However, when everybody and his brother has been piping the genius Gus gas line approach, I'm still wondering why he couldn't overcome a 97th ranked defense.

This pick was one of the two I missed this weekend.

The second one I was wrong about, mentioned previously, was Kentucky. Forgetting it was supposed to represent the SEC, the Wildcats lost 24-17. I should have reversed my prediction. UK will be lucky to win an SEC game. Look for Joker's team to fold more than an origami this season.

Vandy exceeded my expectations of just winning by three points and beat the snot out of Mississippi. Houston Nutt now has to compete against Dan Mullen for crappiest team and coaching in the SEC.

That brings us to LSU. They were dominant, just plain dominant against MSU. Well, after today we realized what and who MSU was or will be.... nothing. Thursday night's performance was merely a lead in to the perorate of what could have been for the Bulldogs.

Georgia, what are you going to say? They did what they were supposed to do. Now they get to go to Ole Miss and pound the Nutt-Master back to the stone age.

Navy gave South Carolina more fits than a misplaced stitch on the inside of a certain someone's visor. We know that the Gamecocks are trying to find consistency on offense and are lucky no one in the SEC runs the triple option. They still have yet to play to their potential hype for 2011.

Florida did what I expected them to do and beat UT. The Vols are now dead in the water. A one- dimensional offensive team is not going to cut it in the SEC. They will win some games, but they better get that rushing attack established.

As for Florida, let's slow down the Rainey hype machine. A speedster yes, but an every down back, no. UF's offensive line is still suspect, and outside of a speed sweep toss the Gators have very little up the middle. Defensively, Florida appears to be handling their own but will be tested in two weeks when the October gauntlet comes.

Arkansas had a few troubles against Troy, but that could be attributed to the look ahead game with Alabama. Tyler Wilson did what he was supposed to by throwing for 300 yards, and the running game was a mixed bag depending on how you look at it.

The Crimson Tide shut out North Texas not because they could, but because the North Texas head coach couldn't see through his sunglasses, he wore at night, to kick for three points on fourth and goal. That team needed something for the effort but was awarded nothing. 

What we found out about the Tide still remains to be seen. Penn State barely won their game against Temple, but let downs can happen after you get beat down by a Alabama. Still, no team Alabama has played has any quality wins nor impressive stats during their loss. Same goes for Arkansas. So, we will find out this weekend what the Tide and Hogs are made of.

If I had to rank the SEC teams right now it would go something like this:

1. LSU

2. Alabama

3. Arkansas

4. South Carolina

5. Florida

6. Auburn

7. UGA

8. Tennessee

9. Vanderbilt

10. MSU

11. Kentucky

12. Ole Miss


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