A Brief Commentary on Big East Football

Shawn Withrow@withrowspCorrespondent INovember 24, 2008

I watched the end of the Syracuse-ND game, and even though I am a WVU fan, I couldn't help feeling good for the Orange and for the players. Greg Robinson recently said something to the effect that he has never enjoyed coaching a team as much as he has this year.

I can really see it in his face. He is having a blast. What a great attitude for someone who has been asked to leave. During the post-game interview he paused and refused to speak over the ND Alma Mater. That shows real class in my opinion.

It is too bad things didn't work out for him at Syracuse. They were only a couple of plays away from having a much better record this year, and I am sure they will play with a lot of grit against Cincinnati this coming Saturday.

They might not have the firepower to beat the Bearcats, but since I am a WVU fan, here is hoping for a miracle. 

According to ESPN Big East Blogger Brian Bennett, Bearcat coach Brian Kelly told the Cincinnati Enquirer's Bill Koch that he has informed his representatives to "keep this stuff [about other coaching jobs] off my desk. I don't want to deal with it. I'm focused on Cincinnati."

However, I'll be very surprised if Kelly stays. He has generated a lot of buzz, and this may be his only chance to catapult into a more prestigious position. The Big East is a little down this year, and he has a team chock-full of seniors.

Those two things have helped a good team become a great team under his watch. I love the Big East and follow it closely, but unfortunately some younger coaches may see it as a "stepping stone league" into a better job.

ESPN Big East Blogger Brian Bennett made mention of this in either a chat or article recently. I think that is a shame because I feel there is a lot of honor in building a program and being loyal to it, but it is one of the sad realities of modern college football.

I've read several comments on various web sites about how sorry we should all feel for Pat White because of the struggles WVU has faced during his senior year, but I don't feel sorry for him, and I doubt he feels sorry for himself.

He just became the NCAA's all-time leader in rushing for a QB with 4,292 yards this past Saturday, and he will most likely get a shot in the NFL at some position, maybe even at QB. He also passed Donovan McNabb in all-time TDs accounted for in Big East play.

Worst-case scenario, he has received a college degree, fame, and accolades, all while being a part of a WVU team that has been one of the best programs in the country over the last few years. Not too shabby. 

And to wrap this up: This week has days off, good homemade food, and the Backyard Brawl. What more could I ask for? Just a couple things: WVU to beat PITT, and as mentioned earlier, Syracuse to play another amazing game and upset Cincinnati.

Have a great holiday weekend, and stay safe everyone!