North Texas vs. Alabama: 5 Necessary Halftime Adjustments

Russ Stanton@overtheedgenowContributor IIISeptember 18, 2011

North Texas vs. Alabama: 5 Necessary Halftime Adjustments

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    The Alabama Crimson Tide came into this game a whopping 47-point favorite, and Bama has beaten the Mean Green in all three past matches between the two.

    The question is at this point in the game whether they can cover 47 points.

    In its first two games, Alabama has had a formidable offense, rolling up 359 yards against Penn State, which is not a comparable foe. But, against Kent State, which is comparable, they ran up 482 yards.

    In the first half, Alabama has  impressively held the Mean Green on Defense, but really haven't had many big plays that you'd think a team ranked at No. 2 would have.

    However, the Crimson Tide seems as confident as that ranking would have them, marching the ball down the field in precision fashion, with a confidence that would be fitting. With a 20-0 lead, Alabama should still consider what to do to adjust for the rest of the game.

Phillip Sims to See More Time

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    Redshirt Freshman, Phillip Sims did not provide a stellar performance in his playing time against Kent State. However he continues to compete with A.J. McCarron for the starting position.

    But, also, he is a true freshman, this is the SEC, and you don't just step off the bus from Chesapeake, Virginia and expect 102-thousand people.

    In preseason, Nick Saban stated that we shouldn't be surprised if he runs with a two-quarterback system until one possibly comes out as the front-runner.

    Expect Sims to get a lot more playing time in the second half of this game with North Texas, in order to accomplish two things. One, get him more seasoned to game conditions, and Two, to give the starter, A.J. McCarron a break to rest up for their game next week against Arkansas.

Resting the Defense

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    People like DeQuan Menzie and Courtney Upshaw  could use a rest. In fact, the Crimson Tide defense returned most of their starters from last year.

    What that means is that there are some backups and freshmen who are in dire need of some seasoning before taking on Arkansas next weekend.

    You can expect people like Menzie and Upshaw and especially Dont'a Hightower to take a Knee, probably somewhere in the third quarter if not sooner.

Offensively, Others to See Action

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    Expect the Alabama Offense to be completely replaced with second string players as the Tide will dominate the third period.

    They haven't gone about this game as a rout, however, its obvious that slow and steady wins the race.

    What that means is that the Tide will wear down the Mean Green defense of North Texas to the point that the NT offense will rarely see the field.

Make Sure Special Teams Doesn't Spoil It

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    While the game may seem to be safe, sometimes a Special Teams effort can make the momentum go the way of the Condor.

    Sprinkle in seasoned players with new ones, and never forget the onside kick, as Utah State did against Auburn in their home opener

Don't Get Complacent

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    If you are the Alabama Crimson Tide, you have to remember that the Las Vegas odds makers had you at 47-point favorites, so at the half you're not even half way to covering.

    The easy thing for a team to do at this point is become complacent, so it would be wise for Head Coach Nick Saban to hammer home to his team that it's not over until the zeros show on the clock at the end of the fourth quarter.

    After all, the last thing the Tide wants to do is be the major story on SportsCenter because of a huge second-half upset by North Texas after a 20-0 halftime lead. It has happened with that other Alabama team down south.