Oregon Ducks Uniforms: Ranking Their 5 Coolest Looks of All Time

Joe PenkalaCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2011

Oregon Ducks Uniforms: Ranking Their 5 Coolest Looks of All Time

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    One thing is for sure, when talking about the Oregon Ducks, you could talk for days about their uniforms. Over the past ten years, Oregon has continued to push the envelope and be on the cutting edge for developing uniforms that appeal to young recruits and fans.

    When talking about the uniforms, it is often a polarizing topic that will bring out both positive and negative responses from fans all over the nation.

    While there are a ton to choose from, here are the five coolest looks that the Ducks have put together.

No. 5: Auburn 2011

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    Some people love the new "volt" color, while others hate it. But for me, I thought the uniform combination the Ducks wore in the national championship looked great.

    From head to toe, the new style looked sharp and the only thing that would have looked better would have been an Oregon victory.

No. 4: All Green

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    Does not matter which style of jersey it is, when the Ducks wear their all-green uniforms, it is a top five look.

    With all of the new uniforms and colors, it sometimes gets lost that the Ducks main colors are green and yellow. So, when the Ducks pull out the all-green combination, like they did for Stanford last year, it makes all Oregon fans happy.

No. 3: LSU 2011

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    The new pro-combat uniforms make another appearance on the list as the Ducks broke out the home version of their national championship jerseys.

    This version of the uniform looks even better, as the black and anthracite go well together, and the volt color makes it pop out.

No. 2: Cal 2009

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    After an underwhelming start to the season, the Ducks opened their conference schedule by welcoming Cal into Autzen Stadium.

    The Ducks started the season by losing to Boise State and barely pulling out wins against Purdue and Utah. Many were nervous about this game but once the Ducks ran out onto the field in their throwback uniforms, the crowd went nuts and the blowout began.

No. 1: Washington 2007

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    The best uniform combination the Ducks have put together is the all-white storm trooper look they broke out in a game against the Washington Huskies in 2007.

    In that game, the Ducks won 55-34 and continued their success against their out-of-state rivals.

    While the style of the jersey may change, the look was a great move and tops the list.