College Football Week 13 Thoughts and Opinions

David HedlindAnalyst IINovember 23, 2008

Ball State at Central Michigan Was Everything I Hoped

I said I was waiting for it and I hope you all saw why. It was a great game. I really don’t feel I need to say more. If you didn’t watch the game, that’s your loss.


Umm, So the Big 12 South Representative Will Be?...

Hmmm, Texas beat Oklahoma, Texas Tech beat Texas, and Oklahoma beat Texas Tech. I have been reading all sorts of scenarios as to what happens now, and I still can't figure it out. I guess it comes down to the standings. Just what I wanted: The opinions of a bunch of old dudes determining who plays for the conference title.


Notre Dame Has Six Wins

Their six wins come from opponents that are a combined 20-49. They just lost to 3-8 Syracuse. Do they really deserve a bowl? Unless they somehow pull of the upset against USC next week, I vote no.


Oregon State Holds On

Oregon State was extremely close to losing its hold on destiny for the Rose Bowl. With less than two minutes left Oregon State was down by one and had 80 yards to the end zone.

They managed almost the entire length of the field and in the most surprising move with the clock ticking away inside of 20 seconds, the opponent, Arizona, called a timeout. This gave Oregon State enough time to fall back and center the ball, spike it, and kick the winning field goal. This was all with the starting quarterback and starting running back injured.

The win sets up a Civil War that will decide the conference.

Utah, the BCS Called

They said you will be in one of their bowls. Boise State and Ball State sorry, you were close, but try again next year. Now we wait to see where Utah is going and who they will play. There is still the slim chance a team like Boise State gets an at large bid but I don’t know that I see that happening.

Does LSU have a Defense?

I thought LSU’s defense was the cornerstone of the team. LSU has given up 400 yards in three games this season. LSU has lost each of those three games. Two were at home; one was on the road. Along with those two home losses, there was another. Three home losses in one season. According to, LSU lost all of three games at home between 2003 and 2007.

The Mountain West is Looking For More Than Just a Few New Coaches

Wyoming has fired Glenn. Chuck Long was let go at San Diego State. Rocky Long has stepped down at New Mexico. With the success at the schools at the top of the conference, coaches like Whittingham at Utah, Patterson at TCU, Mendenhal at BYU and Calhoun at Air Force are all in the rumor mills about coaching vacancies at BCS schools. That’s seven of nine Mountain West schools that could have new coaches next season.

The ACC Finally Makes Sense

For weeks now both divisions could go in the directions of a handful of teams. Now it comes down to just Florida State and Boston College in the Atlantic Division and Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech in the Coastal. Boston College and Virginia Tech need to win their final games or else the other team in the division will go on to the ACC championship game.

I Said It Before and I Will Say It Again…

Brian Kelly can coach. Back to back National Championships at Grand Valley State. Three years at Central Michigan and they won the MAC and went to a bowl. Kelly left for Cincinnati before the bowl game. He did coach Cincinnati in their bowl and they won.

Cincinnati got 10 wins, including a bowl win, last season. Now in the second full year under Kelly, Cincinnati appears to be on their way to a Big East title and a BCS game. All that stands in its way is Syracuse.