Boston College--Wake Forest Review

JB McCandlesCorrespondent INovember 23, 2008

The Eagles of Boston College knew what they had to do, win. If BC wins out they will represent the ACC Atlantic title. BC and Virginia Tech are the only remaining teams that can control their own destiny.

A game that BC probably should have won easily turned into a struggle when 5th year senior Chris Crane went down with a broken collar bone. Prior to the injury Crane had a good game going for himself.

Enter redshirt freshman Dominique Davis, who had played in just two games prior to his entry in the game. It was a struggle for Davis the whole game when he fumbled twice and both fumbles lead to Wake Forest Touchdowns.

Davis was able to settle down and make enough key throws late in the nine play, 70 yard drive, which was capped off by a Davis sneak for a TD. Davis finished the game 13-23 for 103 yards. BC keeps its hopes alive by winning.

For Wake Forest, they have been eliminated from Orange bowl contention. Wake Forest had just one offensive score on the night and they were fortunate it wasn't a BC blowout.

BC can go to the ACC championship game with a home win against Maryland next week. If BC looses than Florida State will represent the Atlantic division.

For BC there is much work to do...Davis needs to work on his ball security and decision making. Davis made some promising throws. 

I believe that if Chris Crane wasn't injured in this one, well it would have been a blowout. I don't think Crane would have fumbled on those plays. As for the punt block...we knew it would happen eventually the way that they were flying into the backfield.

Montel Harris had a quite game, BC must of thought that Haden would be more successful against the Wake D.  

I took away 5 things from this game:

1. BC's defense can stop anyone at anytime
2. The game never should have been close
3. Wake's offense is the most overrated in a while
4. Davis showed signs of greatness, but needs alot of work
5. It looks like Crane's season is over (I don't know how collar bone injuries work).

I want to leave the rest of this article open to discussion.