Sparty Swag: Check Out Michigan State's Nike Pro Combat Uniforms

Matt SheehanAnalyst ISeptember 13, 2011

I rolled out of bed this morning, checked the Michigan State athletic website, and my stomach started to feel a little different. Why?

Because I looked at Michigan State's Pro Combat jerseys, and they are the sickest jerseys in college football—bar none.

When Michigan State squares off against Michigan on Oct. 15 in East Lansing, Nike will hook up the Spartans with uniforms that will turn some heads. For this game, Michigan State will actually look like Spartans on the gridiron.

The uniform strays away from the traditional green and white, instead focusing on the look of a Spartan. Paying homage to the ancient warriors, the team will don bronze helmets that replicate the headgear that Spartans would wear on the battlefield.

The uniforms themselves will definitely be unlike anything ever seen in Spartan Stadium. The team keeps the dark green base layer, which will have a shield emblazoned on the right side of the jersey. The gold numbers will also have the look of a shield, leading to the thought that the Spartans want to look like they are in battle rather than a football game. Embedded in the collar of the jersey is the Greek phrase "Molon Labe," which translates to "come and get them!"

Move lower down the jersey and you will see the players wearing black pants for the first time. Move even lower down the uniform and you will see cleats that, again, resemble the battlefield uniforms of ancient Greece. The bronze cleats have the look of the metal shoes that the Spartans would go out and battle with.

Will these uniforms cause controversy? You bet they will—people love the green and white tradition. The reason the uniforms are great is because (a) it's just for one game, and (b) they will resemble actual Spartans. Instead of trying to be over-flashy and throwing too much in to a uniform, Nike kept the design in check and while generating a jaw-dropping effect at the same time.

Be sure to tune in on Oct. 15 to see these brilliant uniforms in action.