SEC Football Predictions: Week 3 Winners and the Losers

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2011

Yeah, he's got rocks in his head, and bling on his fingers!
Yeah, he's got rocks in his head, and bling on his fingers!Butch Dill/Getty Images

Last week, we saw some very interesting football from across the nation. Hopefully, you got to see some of the other conference's actions. Utah at USC was a good one. Notre Dame at Michigan was an instant classic...unless you are a hot head.

As for picks in the SEC for week two, I was 11-1, with my lone loser being the Auburn game. Even if Relf would have remembered what the quarterback of MSU forgot to do against LSU a couple of years back and held the ball out while trying to get in the end zone, I still think Auburn would have won in overtime.

This weekend, we have an interesting slate of games. There are several cupcake teams, and then there are the SEC match-ups. 

Ole Miss at Vanderbilt: The game of the bottom dwellers. This is to see who can get out of the cellar faster. If only Kentucky could play as well, we would see a real match.

The Rebels continue to struggle on offense and have not yet found any defense. On the Commodores' side, it appears that when you go through the motions and believe in it, you can win. Right now, Vandy has matched their 2010 win record. This is a statement game for the Vanderbilt program. It is now or never with these Vandy veterans on the team. Vandy makes it now. 24-21

Tennessee at Florida: The last time the Vols beat the Gators was in 2004. They would like to change that this year. With an experienced offensive line and a quarterback who may be hitting his stride, the Vols could change that streak this year.

The problem is, Florida has more talent and is a well coached team. However, the Gators have yet to face any real competition. With that being said and very little feedback I have to pick the home team in this one. Not to say UT can't get it done, but it will be a hard task. 31-24.

Coastal Carolina at UGA: The Bulldogs will take a much needed rest after the roller coaster game at home last weekend. They will work on run defense and offensive blocking while subbing in the "twos" and "threes." 48-10 

Louisville at Kentucky: Two teams that have two problems. They both are not in hotbeds of recruitment, and they both are not showing signs of potential. Offensively, each team has struggled against lackluster defenses. It is hard to tell about a rivalry such as this one, but I would have to say that UK has the talent advantage and will use the home field as well. 27-17

Auburn at Clemson: How do you bet against Auburn now? You definitely don't on this game. Clemson is in trouble this Saturday because they don't have the luck of the Tigers. Or do they? From a statistical analysis, these teams match up pretty evenly comparative to whom they've played. So, we once again come to a shootout. Auburn wins because this is what they do, right? I'm suspect of Clemson's offensive line and defense, even if they were thinking about Auburn last weekend.  38-33  

LSU at Mississippi State: The good thing that MSU has going for them is that this is a home game. The bad thing is that they have a very porous defense and even less help on the offensive line. The Tigers bolster one the most unintentional offenses in the league but reap huge dividends with their defense to back them up. I don't see MSU turning the ball over like they did last season, but this will not be a score festival for them either. LSU wins this one on Thursday night. 28-16

Navy at South Carolina: You want to see how the Gamecocks are going to beef up against Auburn in a couple of weeks? Watch this game. Navy only has one The Midshipmen, in the last two games, have attempted to pass 14 times! They have run it 116 times! Yeah, load the box and watch the triple option. South Carolina wins this, but it doesn't feel fun. 38-24

Troy at Arkansas: Tyler Wilson's concussion comes at the best time, not the week of the Alabama game. He will test himself and stay in for two and a half quarters and then take a breather. Bobby P will then get the backup quarterback as much time as possible while being as vanilla as Ice. 45-13

North Texas at Alabama: Much like Arkansas, Alabama is sticking with the soft white ice cream look. The key is to give McCarron ample passes and time to lead the team down the field while doing the same for Phillip Sims. This should be about like the last two games if you love the Tide...slow roasted pork. 42-3.


The Backtrack

Three of these picks could go the opposite way. And one of them is not MSU. Mullen has lost that team for the season and will solidify it with the LSU loss. I saw the "Mike Shula" look on his face during the Auburn game. Not good!

When your head tells you one thing and your gut says another, you have to wonder.

My head tells me UF will beat UT. My gut says otherwise.

My head tells me Auburn takes down Clemson. My gut tells me Clemson has been laying up.

My gut tells me Ole Miss doesn't taste good. My head tells me to throw it up!