SEC: Ole Miss-Vanderbilt Preview: Rebels Seeking Win in SEC Opener

Matthew WatkinsContributor ISeptember 12, 2011

Houston Nutt
Houston NuttKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

 As Ole Miss comes of a win against SIU 42-24, Jeff Scott puts up big numbers with 118 yards on 16 carries, also returns a 67-yard punt for a touchdown. Scott's first touchdown was the most spectacular. He broke several tackles and junked one Southern Illinois defender before finding open space and eventually the end zone. His performance shows that he can play ball. But he needs to be prepared for SEC play next week against Vanderbilt.


Zack Soudt:

Stoudt played a decent game completing 11 of his 18 passes for 118 yards and one touchdown. That touchdown was his first career touchdown at Ole Miss. He stood very well in the pocket only looking at his receivers and that why he took 37-yards because of sacks. He trusts his line enough to hold of defenders while he looks down field to his receivers, but this will not work against an aggressive SEC defensive line.

Ole Miss has probably the biggest offensive lines in the SEC, but sometimes they can't handle an aggressive line like Alabama or LSU. He will need to improve and move out of the pocket when getting pressured.


Randell Mackey:

With him only playing one drive during the SIU game, he really got things going. He went 1 for 1 for 18 yards (6 carries for 36 yards). He drove the Rebs downfield and set up a TD and he showed that he as well could compete at the QB position.

Vanderbilt has won both of their games so far, but the opponents (Elon and Connecticut) is not a really big challenge for most SEC teams. But hey, they won those games. Don't forget Vanderbilt beat Ole Miss last year at Ole Miss. So Vandy can pull off anything and very likely beat The Rebs.

I don't see Vandy pulling off anything against The Rebels defense. The slammed SIU with 4 interceptions. They look much better than they did last year even though D.T. Shackleford is out with a leg injury probably for the season. Ole Miss also has defensive leader Kentrell Locket back after last year suffering a leg injury against Fresno St. Ole Miss will have a defense that's proud to be an "SEC defense."

Ole Miss should have this game well under control with 31-13 being your final score. Hotty Toddy!