BYU Football: 10 Things We Hope Brandon Doman Has Learned After Loss at Texas

Scott LambsonContributor IIISeptember 11, 2011

BYU Football: 10 Things We Hope Brandon Doman Has Learned After Loss at Texas

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    It may be his first season, but Offensive Coordinator Brandon Doman has inherited an offense that many are calling the best ever assembled at BYU.

    But after two lackluster offensive showings in his first two games, BYU fans are hoping for more.

    Here are 10 things we hope Doman has learned after squandering a BCS season with 17-16 loss at Texas.

#10: Don't Grade Yourself After Games

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    After the defense pulled out a one point victory at Ole Miss, Doman gave himself a C grade as offensive coordinator.


    So now will he give himself an "F" at Texas.

    We don't want grades, just wins.

#9: Move to the Press Box

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    It's obvious after two games that Doman is not exploiting the opposing defense from the sideline. There is a reason that TV cameras view the game from up above and not the sideline.

    It's called vantage point. Utilize it.

#8: Riley Nielsen Isn't Fooling Anybody

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    Inserting Riley Nielsen at QB every now and again is not only too predictable, but it takes the offense out of rhythm. Give it up.

#7: You Can Throw the Ball Down Field

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    Since when did BYU decide to only throw to running backs out of the back field? Every passing play seems to go east or west. Let Heaps throw down field...a lot.

#6: You Can Throw on First Down

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    For some odd reason Doman thinks he must run the ball up the middle on first down for a gain of 1 yard. Too bad for him his opponents have figured this out too.

    Wouldn't it be great to see Heaps throw the ball on first down every now and again?

    Come on, throw us a bone Doman, let Heaps air one out on first down just to mix things up a bit.

#5: There Are Other Offensive Players Besides JJ Di Luigi and Ross Apo

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    Believe it or not BYU is loaded on offense with names like Quezada, Hoffman, Holt, Kariya, Jacobsen, etc.

    It wouldn't hurt to utilize them.

#4: The Defense Can't Win Every Game

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    I know it would be nice to collect a paycheck each month and have the defense do all the work, but unfortunately the offense will eventually have to win their fair share of games.

    Bronco has done all he can, but he at least needs two touchdowns from his offense. Just two. Can you help him out? Thanks.

#3: Just One Loss Ends All Hope of a National Championship

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    In college football you have to play to win EVERY game.

    I'm convinced Bronco and his defense understand this, as it shows on the field.

    But the offense?

    Not even close.

#2: Millions of Fans Expect More

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    The ESPN coverage has been phenomenal, the defense has been stellar, and yet fans around the world are left wanting for more offense.

    Really? At BYU? Yes.

    You are the BYU offensive coordinator, one of the most coveted jobs on the planet.

    One touchdown per game is not going to cut it.

    Eventually, BYU has to break into the BCS. Fans were led to believe this could be the year.

    With the talent on the field, it certainly could have been.

    Fans are tired of having to listen to Boise St. and Utah fans.

    Rise up.

#1: Use Your Tight Ends!

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    BYU has won hundreds of games by throwing the ball to talented tight ends over the middle.

    Are you serious Doman?

    You have not thrown the ball to your tight ends in the red zone once!

    Austin Holt and Cody Hoffman are more than capable of catching passes in critical situations.

    You have relied solely on Di Luigi and Apo in the Red Zone and it has cost BYU dearly.

    Somehow you have forgotten names like Clay Brown, Chad Lewis, Johnny Harline, Dennis Pitta and Andrew George.

    If you would have thrown to your tight ends in the red zone you would be 2-0 and on the fast track to busting the BCS.

    Figure it out, it's not rocket science.