Utah vs. USC: What I Want to See at the Coliseum Saturday Afternoon

Zach HardingContributor ISeptember 10, 2011

Utah vs. USC: What I Want to See at the Coliseum Saturday Afternoon

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    Pondering over the different scenarios that I want to see play out Saturday at the Coliseum, and those that I do not want to see occur between the Utes and the Trojans, I've come to several strong conclusions about what I want to see most and what I absolutely want to see the least, along with a couple in between-ers that I would be happy or OK with.

    As a Utah alumnus and an avid Utah football fan since I was 8 or so years old, I am definitely biased in who I want to see win the game. However, the following slides are not just all about the Utes coming out victorious...

    Follow the slides to see what I want to see and what I do not want to see and what I, and most Utah fans, should feel OK about tomorrow for the Utes against USC.

What I Do Not Want to See at All Costs for the Utes

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    Absolutely, emphatically, and passionately...that's how strongly I feel about this possible scenario which I do NOT want to see happen for the Utes on Saturday against USC.

    Utah comes out with all the hype and excitement surrounding this inaugural PAC-12 game in the historic Coliseum venue against the Trojans and starts flat. I imagine something similar to what happened against TCU last year when the Horned Frogs were ranked No. 3 in the nation and Utah was ranked No. 5. USC starts out fast and pours on some points early and the Utes can't recover and it's not even a game.

    I vehemently do not want to see this scenario occur. This is the last thing I want to see in this game. I don't believe this will happen, but with the way the Utes came out against TCU and then Notre Dame the next week during last season, I can't help but let it cross my mind as we approach this big-time game tomorrow.

    Utes, please, don't allow this to happen.

Not Optimal, but a Scenario I Would Be OK with

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    The following scenario is one that, while I would not be greatly pleased with, I would be OK with it. It is one that could be compared to the way Utah's game against Oregon panned out in the 2009 season.

    The Utes come out and are playing well, keep it close with the Trojans the whole game, with some ups and downs, but nothing that puts the game out of reach for either team. Utah has a chance to tie or win the game in the 4th quarter, but aren't able to do so, but still have played a solid game against a solid opponent on the road and have made a respectable showing.

    This scenario is one I would be OK with. I want to see both the offense and the defense perform well and to their potential as well as seeing Jordan Wynn come out of his mental slump and start winging that ball downfield like he knows how.

    Utes, play to your potential, and this scenario will be the least we can hope for and the least of what we will potentially see on the field Saturday.

My Second Best Scenario for the Utes

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    This scenario is one which I would be grateful and very content with. A close Utah victory over USC. A great, close, and competitive game where both teams are fighting back and forth and it comes down to the last few minutes of the 4th quarter.

    I see it being somewhat like the Utes' 25-23 victory over Michigan in the Big House to open the 2008 season.

    The Utes come out with focus and sharpness in executing their plays and are able to do some of what they want against USC. However, the Trojans fight back and keep the game close and the outcome is unknown until the final minute.

    When time expires, the Utes come out on top with a solid showing and come out of the Coliseum with a W.

    Utes, I would really like to see this happen and I will be rooting you on in person come Saturday afternoon. Make it happen.

What I Would Absolutely LOVE to See

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    As you may be able to tell from the chosen picture for this slide, I would love to see something similar to what happened in the 2009 Sugar Bowl against Alabama.

    I would LOVE to see the Utes come out on to the field from the opening kickoff to end of the game just fired up and playing to the top of their potential. The Utes open up fast and hold USC's offense to limited numbers taking an early lead and holding on to it.

    Sure, maybe USC pulls relatively close like Alabama did, but the Utes don't allow USC to really get back in the game and continue to exert their will over the Trojans'.

    The Utes come out of the Coliseum with a rather dominant victory and a great start to their PAC-12 membership.

    Utes and football luck, may this scenario shine down upon the Utah men Saturday afternoon and their faithful followers in the Coliseum's stands and watching at home in Utah and wherever else they may be.