Thinking Greene: Iowa's Shonn Greene Should Be a Heisman Candidate

Jon LarsonCorrespondent INovember 21, 2008

As the college football season winds down, the Heisman candidate talk is only increasing. It seems everyone has their mind set on the candidates being Texas Tech's Graham Harrell, Missouri's Chase Daniel, Texas's Colt McCoy, Oklahoma's Sam Bradford, and Florida's Tim Tebow.

Will anyone give Shonn Greene, Iowa's starting running back, some love? Since no one is...I will! I'm not saying Greene should win the Heisman, but can we at least give him some national love?

Harrell and the rest of the quarterbacks are great players and deserve their accolades, but please give Greene the attention he deserves. Iowa's Shonn Greene is the nation's leader in rushing yards with 1,585 yards on the ground this season, ahead of Michigan State's Javon Ringer, who gets constant national attention.

The Hawks have played 11 games so far this season, and Greene has been over a hundred yards rushing every game. In those 11 games Greene is averaging 144.1 yards a game and has punched the ball into the end zone 15 times.

Keep in mind, Iowa has no passing game, and it took until week four to determine who their starting quarterback was going to be. Teams were and still are loading eight in the box to stop Greene.

Against the Wisconsin Badgers, who I may remind you were ranked ninth in the preseason polls, Greene ran for 217 yards and four touchdowns. Against the No. 3 ranked Penn State Nittany Lions, Greene ran for 117 yards and two touchdowns and led Iowa to a huge upset. Against Purdue, Greene went over the 200-yard marker again, rushing for 211 yards and two touchdowns.

In my opinion, Shonn Greene deserves to go to New York for the Heisman ceremony. Chances are he will get left out and most likely it will be all quarterbacks in New York. I'd just like to see someone start giving him some national attention because he deserves it as much as any other player in the nation.