College Football Week 1: The Most Surprising and Most Disappointing Teams

Daniel BrommerCorrespondent ISeptember 7, 2011

College Football Week 1: The Most Surprising and Most Disappointing Teams

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    Week 1 is in the books. Almost every team that was supposed to win did their job, but there were a few surprises and of course, a few disappointments. Isn't that what makes college football great?

    Week in and week out there's bound to be a lot of surprises and disappointments, and with just one week finished, we're in for plenty more of both.

    Here are the surprises and disappointments from Week 1.

Disappointment: Georgia Bulldogs

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    Not even those awesome new uniforms could save the Georgia Bulldogs from the beatdown that Boise State gave them. Make no mistake, the final score reads 35-21, but Boise State dominated the game and looked like they picked up right where they left off from last year.

    Georgia on the other hand, looks to be stale on offense. Aaron Murray didn't get any production in the first half, but came out firing in the second. Too bad it was too little, too late.

    Georgia can still have a good season, after all, nobody picked them to win the National Championship. They can still have success and hopefully they learned from the mistakes they made against Boise State. But what makes them a disappointment is that they were supposed to be a better looking team and all throughout the offseason, critics and writers (including this one), predicted they would win against Boise State. Better luck next year right?

Surprise: Kellen Moore and Boise State

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    Austin Pettis who? Titus Young? All offseason we were wondering what Kellen Moore would do without his top two targets, but we must have forgot just who we were talking about.

    Moore is going to break a lot of records this season including Colt McCoy's record for the winningest quarterback in college football history.

    Back to the point at hand, Moore completed passes to nine different targets and threw for 261 yards and three touchdowns. A very impressive night against a tough SEC opponent in Georgia and in a hostile environment.

    Moore's night was a surprise, but it really shouldn't be considering how great of a quarterback this guy really is.

Disappointment: Notre Dame Fighting Irish

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    Notre Dame, yet again was ranked too high in preseason, especially at No. 16. They are who we thought they were! Overhyped and given way too much credit.

    That being said, Notre Dame should have won their game against South Florida. Yes, there was a three-hour rain delay in two separate times, but South Florida had to experience that as well.

    Notre Dame shot themselves in the foot in the red zone a total of three times with quarterbacks Dayne Crist and Tommy Rees throwing interceptions in the end zone. The defense wasn't exactly stifling and if Michael Floyd had not been there, things would've gotten ugly.

    Notre Dame was a huge disappointment because there was a lot of hype around them in the offseason and seeing the success that Tommy Rees had last year, we all thought it would have carried over to this season, but this team has a lot of work to do.

Surprise: LSU Tigers

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    Jarrett Lee didn't exactly set the world on fire against Oregon, but he got the job done. He passed for just 98 yards on 10 of 22 passing and added a touchdown, but he managed the game very well. He handled the situation he was handed with maturity and class and showed plenty of leadership.

    Then there was the defense that held LaMichael James to just 54 yards rushing. They held Darren Thomas to 240 yards passing on 54 attempts. Yes, mark that down, 54 passing attempts for an Oregon quarterback. That's unheard of!

    LSU's pair of running backs, Spencer Ware and Michael Ford, combined for 195 yards rushing and three touchdowns. They were running all over Oregon defenders and showed why they are capable of being a National Championship team.

    The surprise? The complete domination of Oregon in the second half. The halftime score read 16-13 in LSU's favor, and in the second half they came out and scored 24 points to Oregon's 14. They dominated the Ducks and a lot of people picked the Oregon to win with flying colors, but LSU stepped up and played extremely well.

Disappointment: Oregon Ducks

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    Oregon can waive goodbye to any chance of making it back to the National Championship, at least hypothetically speaking.

    Oregon really shot themselves in the foot in a game that almost seemed like a gimme. Jordan Jefferson was out for LSU and Oregon brought their dynamic offense along to beat down an SEC team and put on a show for the whole country to see.

    Instead, LSU shut down Oregon's offense including Heisman hopeful LaMichael James, who rushed for just 54 yards.

    Oregon didn't look like the third ranked team in the country and perhaps they were overrated, but this team with all their talent really disappointed because they appeared to be very vanilla.

    If this is a sign of things to come, Oregon might have to kiss any chance of a Pac-12 Championship goodbye.

Surprise: Minnesota Gophers

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    OK, first things first, Minnesota did lose to USC, but it was only a two-point difference. They gave up a lot of passing yards to USC quarterback Matt Barkley and they made wide receiver Robert Woods look like an elite NFL receiver, but it was the way they competed.

    Minnesota kept the game close and might have won if it wasn't for some key mistakes.

    Minnesota has a lot of upside and they appear to be a team that can compete in the Big Ten, instead of just being a pushover.

Disappointment: Auburn and USC

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    For obvious reasons, both USC and Auburn belong in this category and everyone else seems to think so too, especially the poll voters. Both teams are now out of the Top 25 and both teams won!

    USC barely escaped Minnesota and Auburn narrowly defeated Utah State. Both games were home contests for USC and Auburn as well.

    USC has work to do on defense and they need to find a running game, while Auburn needs to find a new identity because Cam Newton isn't coming back.

    Auburn will not finish .500 in the SEC if they continue to play like they did against Utah State, and USC won't be able to compete in the Pac-12 if they continue to play with the same style as they played against Minnesota.

Surprise: Baylor Bears

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    Baylor put on quite the show last Friday night against TCU. They performed possibly the biggest upset of the weekend and showed that they might just be able to compete with the big boys in the Big 12.

    Robert Griffin vaulted himself into the Heisman talks as well as receiver Kendall Wright. Baylor almost gave away their upset when they went down 48-47 with a little over a minute left in the game, but they overcame the odds against them and won the game.

    Now, there were some people out there predicting a Baylor victory, but nobody could have prepared themselves for the offensive onslaught they put up against TCU's defense, which is historically stout.

Disappointment: TCU Horned Frogs

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    Sorry TCU, but that undefeated season from a year ago is long gone now with the loss against Baylor. It was clear how much this team misses Andy Dalton and not only that, they lacked leadership.

    Defensively, they gave up 369 yards and five passing touchdowns to Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III. They gave up 189 yards receiving and two touchdowns to Kendall Wright as well as a passing touchdown by the receiver.

    Overall, TCU looked human where last year they looked supernatural. This is a good team and they will have a lot of success this season, but not BCS success.