Maryland's New Uniforms: Love or Hate?

Bennett SpectorSocial Media StaffSeptember 6, 2011

Twitter hated them, facebook 'liked' them, old people nearly threw up, college kids thought they were 'clean as hell', and me, well I thought they were a mixed bag.

The Shoes: 9/10

Shoes were awesome. If Under Armour does one thing right, it's fresh cleat designs. I love the red soles — they almost look like the're made from red flubber. The yellow and black checker really set these kicks off.

The Pants: 8/10

The pants were actually pretty clean. The accents running up the side of the legs gave them just enough flair. The belt was also pretty sweet. When you're wearing all white, it helps to have a little color breaking it up.

The Jerseys: 6/10

This is where things started to go wrong. I get what they were going for with the mismatch designed shoulders, but man oh man were these gross to look at. I'm glad they didn't just go with the red and white as it looked way to 'East-West Shrine Game'. Personally, I think they should have gone straight yellow checker.

The Helmet: 4/10

The Terrapins' lids took the most flack, and rightfully so. Motion sickness was on my mind for a majority of the night. They really should have picked one pattern and stuck with it.

Overall: 6.75/10

They almost worked. I'm glad companies like Under Armour continue to push the envelope —without 'em, we'd be staring at a bunch of boring Penn State and Oklahoma uniforms each week. 


What do you think? Looking forward to a heated comment debate.