College Football Week One: What We Learned from the Noon Games

Erik UnderwoodCorrespondent IIISeptember 3, 2011

Auburn narrowly avoided a season-opening home loss to Utah State
Auburn narrowly avoided a season-opening home loss to Utah StateKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

We had a great start to the afternoon, highlighted by a thriller in Auburn.  The Tigers managed to dodge an 0-1 start by scoring a touchdown in the last 1:30 after recovering an onside kick.  Northwestern played a good game for a road win against Boston College, and the No. 2 ranked Crimson Tide are currently dominating MAC-opponent Kent State.  Here are few things we saw in the first three hours of Week 1:

  • Auburn's defense looks shaky up the middle.  Utah State was able to attack it and put up 38 points on the road.  The Tigers appear to have some serious speed and playmakers on offense, but need to get that defense cranked around to avoid a losing season.
  • Northwestern still looks like they can make some noise without Dan Persa on the field.  Backup Kain Colter managed the game well, and the Wildcats used their running game to get a big non-conference road win.
  • Alabama looks as good as advertised.  Their defense is suffocating, and they've run the ball very well.  AJ McCarron looks like the clear choice at quarterback as well.
  • Virginia Tech has come out very strong in their game against Appalachian State.  Logan Thomas looks sharp and running back David Wilson looks as though he wants to make a push for the Heisman trophy with his 162 yards and 3 touchdowns.  The Hokies could be in for a big year with their schedule.

I really enjoyed watching the first slate of games, and hopefully we'll get another good round with the 3:30 games.  Hope everyone is enjoying week one as much as I am!


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