Purdue Football: Caleb Terbush and Other Things to Look for in Opener

James Evens@JamesEvensCorrespondent ISeptember 1, 2011

Purdue Football: Caleb Terbush and Other Things to Look for in Opener

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    Purdue football opens its season on Saturday at noon against Middle Tennessee and is looking to snap a six game losing streak dating back to a season ago.

    The Boilermakers already had a huge loss this season with the torn ACL of Rob Henry, but will be looking to triumph anyway under Danny Hope.

    Hope looks to return the Boilermakers to their first bowl game since the 2007 Motor City Bowl. 

    Here are a few things to look out for on Saturday at Ross Ade Stadium. 

Performance of Caleb TerBush

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    This seems to be the question on every Purdue fan's mind right now.  How will a junior that hasn't played since 2009 due to academic issues and has never started perform?

    It could be a rocky start to the junior's career, but he will be splitting some time, so if things get too bad, Purdue fans have a fall back in Sean Robinson, although that's not saying a whole lot. 

    TerBush has a chance to really make some noise if he can get out and make a good impression in front of the Boilermaker nation on Saturday.

    It is definitely an angle to watch. 

The Return of Ralph Bolden

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    Ralph Bolden's injury last year was just old news for Purdue fans who have experienced numerous knee injuries in numerous sports the past few years.

    Bolden was a difference maker before his injury and is expected to be at full force again this season.

    In 2009, Bolden ran for 935 yards averaging almost five yards per carry that season. He scored nine times and has the speed to take off if given the opportunity.

    It will be very interesting to see how his speed is after the injury as well as the stability of the knee.

How Will the Defense Be Without Kerrigan

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    Ryan Kerrigan, who now plays for the Washington Redskins, was one of the most dominant players in college football over his career on the defensive line, yet was snubbed due to playing on a poor team.

    With Kerrigan gone, it shall be interesting to see how the Boilermaker defense responds without their pass rusher.

    Kawann Short will surely be looked to as a leader on the defensive line and defense in general. 

Patrick Bade in a Football Uniform

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    Purdue fans know Patrick Bade as the guy who played at the end of basketball games and seemed to always commit more fouls than minutes.

    He has now transitioned from the hardwood to the gridiron, and is playing tight-end for the Boilermakers this season.

    Bade is looking to thrive and gain some playing time, and should be a great asset for the offense as his size brings a whole new variable to the receiving core. 

Ricardo Allen

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    This guy is someone to watch out for on Saturday. He will not only be making stellar plays on the defensive end, but will now be apart of the Boilermakers return game.

    With Allen returning kicks this season, he will provide a speed that can only be matched by a select few.

    Allen is known for running back interceptions and now will have more opportunities to score with this new gig as a kick returner. 

Will Joe Holland Step Up?

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    Although overshadowed by the likes of Jason Werner and Ryan Kerrigan last season, look for Joe Holland to continue his stellar play and really step up as a leader on the defensive side of the ball.

    Holland who is a senior this season, is giving it all he has got at the linebacker position and should make some real noise this season.

    Look out opponents, this guy can hit. 

New Jerseys

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    Look for the new style the Boilermakers will be sporting on Saturday.  

    They have transitioned over to the new Nike jerseys and are looking for the newfound swagger to translate on the field. 

Can the Offensive Line Help out the Offense?

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    The Boilermakers are lucky to return all but one of their big men up front this season, which should help them a lot as the season progresses.

    Although Kenny Plue is not expected to play in the season opener, the experience is still there. 

    A team that will be relying on a young quarterback needs to be able to not only protect the passer, but establish a running game to open things up.  

    Purdue's offensive line is going to have to step it up to help out the rest of the offense. 

Carson Wiggs

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    Who doesn't love to see Carson Wiggs?  The guy is not only hilarious, but he is a great kicker and preseason All American.

    Some regard him as the best player on the Purdue squad, and he will be important this season.

    Expect Wiggs to have a shot at the NCAA record for longest field goal this season, if not in this first game. 

A Win

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    Look for the Boilermakers to get started early this season and come up with a win at home. 

    It may not be pretty due to the youth of this team, but they should get a win for their belt and their confidence.

    It will be good to get started off on a positive note this season with a win. 

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