Nike Pro Combat Uniforms: Guide to Boise State, Georgia and All New Team Unis

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Nike Pro Combat Uniforms: Guide to Boise State, Georgia and All New Team Unis

With college football less than a week away fans can't wait for the kickoff to finally arrive. Some of the games this season will be flashier than others as Nike has released its new Pro Combat uniforms. When nine teams storm out of the tunnel during seven different games, they will be sporting the next generation of battle gear.

Nike Pro Combat uniforms are generating a buzz that has some fans talking about what the players are wearing, more than the game itself.

What are Nike Pro Combat Uniforms?

 Pro Combat is a type uniform that Nike has designed to be faster, lighter, tougher and stronger than any other uniform worn on a football field. As you can expect from Nike they went all out and paid attention to every detail from the helmet to the shoes. 

It was designed to be more of a tribute to the heritage and history of each individual school. This may result in how future uniforms look on college game days depending on the reaction of the product. 

Who will be wearing the Combat Uniforms in the 2011 season? 

Nike has selected nine lucky teams to wear their new uniforms and they will be worn during seven different games throughout the college football season.  

Oregon (vs LSU, Cowboys Stadium 9/3)
Georgia & Boise State (vs each other, Georgia Dome 9/3)
Michigan State (vs Michigan 10/15)
LSU (vs Auburn, 10/22)
Ohio State (vs Wisconsin 10/29)
Stanford (vs Notre Dame 11/26)
Army & Navy (vs each other 12/10)

Breakdown of the Oregon Ducks uniform

The Oregon Ducks will sport their new uniforms on opening day against the LSU Tigers in Cowboys Stadium. As if this game needed any more hype, the uniforms sure will generate quite a buzz.

The Ducks are used to wearing flashy uniforms with the bright green or yellow they normally wear, so this shouldn't really be a big deal for them.

Oregon will be going with more of a black jersey, pants and helmet, with yellow outlining on the numbers and logo on the helmet.

The gloves are black and yellow with a interlacing logo on the inside. But the shoes are what will catch your eye the most, as they are more of a lime green.

Really not a bad looking uniform for the Ducks to open the season with.

The Oregon Ducks uniform is one of the few that doesn't look horrible.

Breakdown of the Georgia Bulldogs uniform

The uniforms have helped get the Bulldogs struggles off the minds of fans for at least a couple of minutes. But when Georgia comes out in their uniforms on Saturday against Boise State it will remind them of the last two ugly seasons they have played.

The Bulldogs are wearing the red pants and jersey that we are used to seeing. The silver helmet is cool but the broad red stripe that runs down the middle is not cute.

The gloves are white and red with a interlacing logo of the "G".

Breakdown of the Boise State Broncos uniform

The Broncos will also debut their new uniforms on opening Saturday and will play the Georgia Bulldogs in theirs.

With the blue field and traditionally blue uniforms, the Broncos are going with a color we are not used to seeing them in. All white.

The logo on the helmet is outlined in blue and the shoes are about the only thing "normal" as they are orange and blue.

If I played for the Bulldogs I would not come out of the tunnel wearing this.

We know which team will look better, now it's a question of who will play better on Saturday.

Breakdown of the Michigan State Spartans uniform

The Spartans will wear their uniforms on the October game against their rivals, the Michigan Wolverines. Details of the uniform have not yet been released but a fan made a photoshoped version of what he believes the uniform will look like.

Michigan State has already denied that that is the actual uniform. We will just have to wait and see. 

Breakdown of the LSU uniform

The LSU Tigers will go with white jerseys and purple numbers when they play the Auburn Tigers in October. The helmets are gold with the traditional logo on the helmet.

The shoes are white and gold, with the Nike sign colored in purple.

Overall this may be one of the ugliest uniforms of them all.

Breakdown of the Ohio State Buckeyes uniform

Boise will look better in their uniform but will they play better?

Ohio State will wear their uniforms on an October game against the Wisconsin Badgers. Questions of which one are still up in the air.

There is a photo floating around on the internet that has the Buckeyes wearing all black, with white numbers and red outline. I highly doubt that the photo is real and it is a very good possibility it is photoshopped much like the Michigan State uniform.

Other photos have the Buckeyes wearing a white jersey and helmet with red numbers and outline. The pants would be grey, along with the shoes. This would be a much better look for Ohio State.

We'll just have to wait and see as to which one is real as the game approaches.

Breakdown of the Stanford Cardinal uniform

Stanford is another team that is keeping their uniform on the hush as they will reveal it in a November game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Although, many believe that it will be an all black uniform with a red stripe and logo down the helmet. The numbers on the jersey would be white.

This has to be the wost uniform of them all. Yuck.

This is another one that we'll just have to wait and see about.

Breakdown of the Army Black Knights and Navy Midshipmen uniforms

Neither team has released any details about their uniform but they will both wear them when they play in the historic Army-Navy game.

The game takes place on December 10th and many fans can't wait to see what Nike came up with for these two teams as they meet in one of college football's oldest rivalries.


From what we have seen Nike has done a decent job on some of the uniforms. Some look really good, while others are just plain hideous. Whether you like the uniforms or not, all of this hype really isn't deserved.

It's just a uniform and it will not give a team any advantage over the other whatsoever. You still have to go out there and play the game.

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