Georgia Football: What a Win Against Boise St. Would Mean for Georgia

Bill HoneycuttContributor IIAugust 30, 2011

Georgia Football Coach Mark Richt
Georgia Football Coach Mark RichtKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

As Saturday approaches us, Georgia fans everywhere are getting more and more pumped up to officially leave behind the 2010 season and begin with a fresh start.

The last two seasons have been a nightmare, and if you are a Georgia fan, you feel as if the whole world is falling apart. Mark Richt's job security has been in limbo with fans calling for his head after a horrible 2010 campaign, and his seat seems to be getting hotter and hotter with every day that passes.

Fans must remember, though, all that is in the past and cannot be changed. It's time to get over those horrible losses to Colorado, UCF and every lead Georgia let slip from its hands.

What's important now is the fact that Mark Richt will be taking his team into the Georgia dome to take on a top five team in the Boise State Broncos this Saturday.

Boise State has been a pest to some of the top teams in the country the past few years and even when they come in ranked higher, always seem to be the underdog . Teams don't always take the Broncos serious and wind up paying the price. Just ask Virginia Tech.

Boise State may not have the top recruiting classes and the fastest or biggest players in the country, but what they do have is an excellent coaching staff that prepares them very well week in and week out, and can make them look like some of the best players in the country. And they will be prepared for Georgia.

But here is the dilemma for Georgia. 

Every year Mark Richt racks up numerous talented players, and some of the best in the Country. Even with this talent, though, the coaching staff still can't seem to get things in order and the past two years have shown this. Losses to Colorado and UCF are just unacceptable for this team, but like I said before, that is in the past and we cannot change it.

Now, this Saturday is what can change things around. I'm not saying that a win instantly keeps Richt around for another year, but can definitely lead to some good.

This game is huge in terms of popularity. It will be put on center stage and is likely the second biggest opening game this weekend behind LSU and Oregon.

Georgia must come out with extremely high levels of intensity and be ready to face a rocking Georgia Dome of 80,000 plus. This will be the biggest game a lot of these young players have ever played in, and the veterans and leaders of this team have to be prepared.

Being on center stage in this game, Richt gets a chance to reshape his image to fans around the country with a win. Not just Georgia fans. A win in this game can at least get UGA fans and Richt back on speaking terms, something I'm he sure he would love to do. A win would also give back the swagger and confidence this team has been itching for the last two seasons.

It would create a huge push of momentum and implement confidence in this team to play a game the next Saturday, in which many fans are forgetting about with all the Boise State talk.

That game is there SEC opener against South Carolina. Although it may not be as flashy as week one, this one means more to this team in pursuing their course back to the SEC championship. South Carolina always brings a tough battle and every year this game is a toss up.

A win against Boise St. would definitely carry on into the next week against South Carolina in that they can regain confidence and know that they can beat the best teams in the country.

If they can win, the real victory is not beating a top five team, but regaining that Georgia swagger that has been missing for some time.