Takin' Care of Business: Missouri Throttles Cyclones 52-20

Peter FleischerSenior Writer INovember 16, 2008

In 20 degree weather with the wind gusting and a raucus road crowd cheering like crazy, Missouri fans finally saw something that they've been waiting to see for weeks now. A Chase Daniel that appeared to have his head straight, and a William Moore that can get an interception.

The Missouri Tigers did what they were expected to in Ames, Iowa this weekend and defeated the Iowa State Cyclones 55-20. A Kansas loss to the Texas Longhorns earlier in the day gave the Tigers a chance to clinch the Big 12 North for the second year running, and the Tigers didn't let the opportunity slip by.

-Chase Daniel didn't win the game for Missouri in Ames like he did as a true freshman, but he looked good. His interception was completely not his fault, but he also had a pick called back because of pass interference, so we can call it even. On the day he was pretty darn good in terrible conditions, throwing for two touchdowns and 328 yards on 32 of 40 throwing.

-I still don't get the use of Derrick Washington, but this is the last time I'll harp on it. D-Wash had a monster day, running for 128 and two TDs on only 11 carries. Why not give him more carries, especially in the cold conditions? It's beyond me. But the kid is getting better, and he's already pretty good.

-FINALLY Willy Mo gets a pick! William Moore had his first interception of the season after having eight last year, and he also took it back for a pick-six. Moore took Daniel off the hook by quickly coming up with the pick of his own, and hopefully he'll be able to come up with a couple more this season to remind NFL scouts why he is one of the best safety prospects in the country.

Carl Gettis and Castine Bridges also had big days. Gettis finally got his first pick and Bridges was all over the field making several huge hits and deflecting a couple of passes.

-I'm sure he didn't like it, but sitting Chase Coffman was the right move. Now Coffman will have four straight weeks off going into the Border War Showdown against Kansas. Him playing at full strength the last three games of the season will do more for his draft status than playing hurt and poorly will.

-On the bright side of the Coffman sitting was true freshman Andrew Jones. Mizzou will surely miss Coffman next season, but Jones is developing into a solid tight end in his own right. He had his best game yet, reeling in seven catches for 61 yards.

Fellow true frosh Michael Egnew also proved that he's ready for a bigger role, as he caught two passes but dropped a third that turned into the interception.