Florida State-Boston College: Seminoles Choke at Doak

Daniel BrommerCorrespondent INovember 16, 2008

Florida State entered their homecoming game against Boston College on Saturday night in the driver's seat. Wake Forest had lost to N.C. State earlier in the day to give up their tie with Florida State. All FSU had to do was win.

As we all know, that didn't happen. They even sported their all-black uniforms for the homecoming crowd. They might as well have stayed in the locker room. I think we as fans would have appreciated that more than what we had to see.

The powerful Seminole defense gave up well over 100 yards rushing and even more passing yards. They rarely had three and outs and looked extremely confused.

For a defense that had been heralded all season as the backbone of the team, they were the ones to blame for the game. As great of a coordinator as Mickey Andrews is, he was outcoached.

Then there were the offensive woes. Christian Ponder chose a very bad time to play like a first-year starter. All season he has been a spark for the offense, coming up with huge runs and clutch passes. We didn't see anything like that on Saturday. Instead, we saw three interceptions on key drives that ended up being the deciding factor in the game.

Then there was the running game, or lack of it. Instead of seeing Antone Smith and Jermaine Thomas pound the ball, Jimbo Fisher appeared to get too pass-happy with the offense. We saw way too many three and outs on offense.

Bottom line is this: FSU still has a long ways to go. Unfortunately for the fans, do we really have that long to wait? Is it possibly time for Bobby Bowden to ride off into the sunset instead of watching his staff drive his beloved Seminoles into the ground? The team he took over when they were an all-girls school.

Only time will tell, but with so many coaching changes, fans expect a fast turnaround. While FSU isn't playing nearly as bad as last season, this season still has had major disappointments.