Is Too Much Parity Causing the ACC to Lose Respect?

Thomas H.Correspondent INovember 16, 2008

On Saturday, the worst thing that could happen to the ACC happened. All three of their ranked teams LOST.

In the early afternoon, 16th-ranked North Carolina fell to the Maryland Terrapins, who are now 7-3.

Then, 24th-ranked Wake Forest fell to the much weaker North Carolina State, a surprising win but not an upset.

Then in the nightcap on national television, Boston College gave the 19th-ranked Florida State Seminoles the iron fist, and raised themselves to 7-3.


A thing to remember

Though one of these teams will probably ranked through the week, the thought of this happening shows what that the ACC is anyone who plays hard.

The worst teams in the ACC are still both 4-6 (Duke and NC State). It seems a new team in the conference is ranked each week.

Here is what is happening with Matt Ryan gone, and the Virginia Tech boys without the cause of re-identifying themselves after the school's tragedy.

This year, it's a new quarterback at BC, a five-game winning streak in Miami, and a Duke that WINS???? My eyes must be deceiving me, yet here this happens week after week.

No one is impressed with the ACC this year. It's a shame, because there is a reason they aren't getting a lot of ranked teams. They are all too equal.

No one has stepped up and said "Hey, we're going to the Orange Bowl." Yesterday proved that this race isn't over until the conference championship in Tampa Bay.

66 percent of the teams have a winning percentage of .600 or better. No one has a worse one then .400.

None of that will matter as this weekend comes. When Wake Forest plays Boston College, Miami plays Georgia Tech, and Florida State plays Maryland anything could happen.

This will be a deciding weekend for the conference game, but if no one breaks out with a huge win, it's back to the same old equal platform.