Ten Top Tens After Week Twelve In College Football

Mitch Wilson@sportschatplaceSenior Writer INovember 16, 2008

Top Ten Teams

1) Texas Tech- A week off before a big game

2) Alabama- Great job on special teams yesterday.

3) Utah-They blew someone out, everyone happy?

4) Boise-Won by 35 for the second straight week .

5) Ball State-Big test this week with CMU.

6) Texas-Didn't look like a trap from where I was sitting.

7) Oklahoma-Big games from here on out.

8) USC-So Pete Carroll rubs it in and gets mad when someone tries to show him up?

9) Florida-That Ole Miss loss really sitting tough with Gator Nation.

10) Penn State- Nothing fancy, just a solid win.

Top Ten Games I Watched This Week

1) Maryland 17, North Carolina 15-As an exciting of a 4th quarter as we have seen all year.

2) Central Michigan 33, Northern Illinois 30 (OT)- Monster comeback goes for naught in OT.

3) USC 45, Stanford 23-Those who had the 24 points and saw the game know where I'm coming from.

4) Notre Dame 27, Navy 21-Not decided until the final gun sounded.

5) UTEP 36, SMU 10-Not an exciting game but the people at The College Football Place forum pounded it all week and they obviously proved once again they know a lot more than the casual fan. Thanks everyone for making me look good.

6) Wisconsin 35, Minnesota 32-The two teams gave it everything they had.

7) My weekly picking contest- Very hotly contested and it took a 12-3 run against the spread by Mark to bring home the title this week.

8) Miami 16, Virginia Tech 14-I'm still smiling from ear to ear.

9) LSU 40, Troy 31-Monstrous comeback when they were left for done.

10) Georgia 17, Auburn 13-This really wasn't a good game at all.

Top Ten Movies People Said I Left Off of My Top Ten Sports Movies Last Week

1) Bull Durham- I guess everyone thought this belonged.

2) The Natural- People are starting to think I'm anti-baseball.

3) King Pin- What was I thinking?

4) Happy Gilmore-Guilty as charged.

5) The Waterboy-Not sure how this slipped through the cracks.

6) Field of Dreams-On a week Iowa knocked off #1 no less.

7) Blades of Glory-Token skating movie.

8) The Gumball Rally-Brings back some memories.

9) The North Dallas Forty- John Mutuzak larger than life.

10) Seabiscuit- And I'm a horse guy too.

Top Ten Big Ten Running Backs (Thanks to Kistofer Green)

1) Beanie Wells-Anyone see the big guy hurdle someone yesterday?

2) Shonn Green- He's been a difference maker for Iowa.

3) Javon Ringer-Not a Heisman winner but very good.

4) P.J. Hill-He's scary good.

5) John Clay- Good enough to take carries away from P.J. Hill.

6) Evan Royster- I never saw this coming.

7) Kory Sheets-Has had a very nice year.

8) Daniel Dufrene-Not quite Mendenhall, yet.

9) Tyrell Sutton- The Wildcats are a different team when he plays.

10) DeLeon Eskridge-This school just churns out backs.

Top Ten Things I Heard In the New In-Game Chat Room

1) Mitch Loves Northern Illinois- I got news for you, Mitch loves any team that covers a lot.

2) I knew (fill in the blank) would win- Well if you knew it would have been nice to tell the rest of us ahead of time.

3) I Need a Three Team Parlay Lock-Why stop there, may as well ask for the winning Mega Millions numbers.

4) I really like the site-Thanks for all of the feedback. We know it needs work this off season but we like the place too.

5) Anything non-football- I am enjoying a chance to chat with everyone and find out where everyone else is from, etc. and look forward to chatting with everyone else as well.

6) YIPPEE!!- Yeah, we were all pretty hot this week, it was good one.

7) Are you going to do an NFL site?- Yes we are, we are hoping to have it up in plenty of time for the draft.

8) What are you going to do when the season is over?- Well, after recruiting and then my NFL draft book I'm writing, as well additional draft coverage that should give me about a month or so in the summer to work on all of the other projects we're working on.

9) Can I get involved?-Being a member of the community you already are involved but if you want to be involved on another level with The College Football Place or any of the coming sites there will be plenty of opportunities on a lot of levels, we just need to get the map in place and We'll be ready to go and we'll let everyone know.

10) How do you make money off of your site?-Right now we don't make much off of the site. As you see we don't have a lot of ads and those ads we do have we carefully select as we don't allow just anyone to advertise on the site; we are also not selling anything as if we do we want it to be a tremendous value and something you can't just get anywhere. We just want to keep the site what we wanted it to be, a place for College Football fans to get together and get real. If we end up making a few bucks at some point, wonderful, if not, we think everyone really likes the place and feels welcome here.

Top Ten Teams Who Have Far Exceeded Expectations

1) Alabama-We thought they would be better but certainly not contending for the title.

2) Buffalo-These guys are pretty good.

3) Rice-And they're fun to watch too.

4) Vandy- I don't think anyone had them penciled in for a bowl.

5) Northwestern-I think I have the word doormat written next to them in my pre-season notes.

6) Oregon State-And Mike Riley gets no mention for Coach of the Year.

7) Oklahoma State-Didn't even consider them a factor.

8) Miami-Not just here because they are my favorite, they have earned it.

9) Ole Miss-Most people though it would take Houston Nutt a few years to be competitive.

10) Florida State- Bowden still has something left.

Top Ten Biggest Disappointments

1) Michigan-The bowl streak is over, 1 year after beating Florida on New Year's Day.

2) Tennessee-Perhaps the worst year for the Vols in my lifetime.

3) Clemson-Became also-rans by week 1

4) Georgia- when your goal is a national title two beat down losses are even worse.

5) Auburn-They just look clueless.

6) Missouri- Proved an inability to step it up when they needed to.

7) Arizona State- They didn't come close to making a run at the Pac-10 title.

8) West Virginia-A lot of high expectations unfulfilled.

9) Miami (OH)- MAC favorites aren't good at all.

10) Washington State-An embarrassment to D-1 football.

Mitch's 2009 Pre-season Top 10

1) Florida-If Tebow is back this is where they will be.

2) Ohio State-Pryor with a year under his belt.

3) USC-The Trojans are always near the top these days.

4) Alabama- They are so young and so good.

5) Texas- The Colt McCoy show continues.

6) Oklahoma-Bradford will be there and so will the Sooners.

7) Oregon State-This team is really young.

8) Miami-Will be a lot of people's choice to win the whole thing.

9) Florida State-The Miami game will probably decide one of the National Championship game teams.

10) Georgia- Maybe we'll get to use all of the Uga pics again.

Top Ten Teams That Still Play Defense

1) USC- I give them a hard time but they can play some D.

2) TCU- Served up with a with a side of attitude.

3) Alabama- Have a huge, athletic Defensive Tackle, no mystery as to why they are contenders.

4) Auburn-Can you imagine how ugly it could have gotten if they didn't?

5) Boise State-I know we normally think of them running up and down the field but it's been a short field this year.

6) Utah-That's why they are undefeated, haven't been lighting up the scoreboard.

7) Florida-Quietly, behind their awesome special teams.

8) Miami-All of their tradition was built on D and they are going that way again.

9) Cincinnati-They have it all on D. The surge up the middle and smother corners.

10) Virginia Tech-Even without the personnel Bud Foster disrupts game plans.

Top Ten Games On This Week's Schedule

1) Texas Tech at Oklahoma-National Title implications.

2) Brigham Young at Utah- It's Holy War.

3) Michigan State at Penn State-Sounds like classic Big Ten Football to me.

4) Pittsburgh at Cincinnati-The Big East comes into focus.

5) Michigan at Ohio State-Always a big game. Anyone think a win might make the Wolverines season?

6) Ball State at Central Michigan- The road trip that stands in the way of Ball State's perfect season.

7) Stanford at Cal-We get to see the best highlight ever all week long.

8) Boise at Nevada- Break out the abacus.

9) NC State at North Carolina-Big time stuff.

10) Oregon State at Arizona-Can the Beavers beat out the Trojans as PAC-10 champs?

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