College Football 2011: Mark Cuban Suggests Invitational Games to Fix Postseason

Randy ChambersAnalyst IAugust 25, 2011

How would you like it if your team is sitting atop the BCS rankings but needs one more win against a quality opponent to boost it's strength of schedule and is given a 13th game to do so.

Good idea?

Thank Mark Cuban and this report.

The plan would be to match the top four teams in the BCS standings with other teams that don't have a championship game or independent teams. If that team likes their current position in the standings they get the opportunity to opt out.

This would not be a playoff game, nor would it interfere with the BCS system. Just an opportunity for teams that need a quality victory to boost their current resume.  

This plan would be perfect for teams like Boise State. Too bad the plan wouldn't go through before this season started when they actually have a chance to become National Championship contenders. Their current team is filled with seniors and the program may never be the same again after this year.

Looking at the Broncos schedule, there are only a couple quality opponents.

Boise could go undefeated this season and still not make the National Championship. In fact, a team that has one loss but a much more difficult schedule may jump over them in the standings. 


Under Cubans plan that would change. It would give a team like the Broncos, a shot to prove themselves. Great team with a weak schedule, go ahead and play an invitational game against a ranked team and prove that you have what it takes.

Who wouldn't want to see a few extra games and it would make the NCAA even more money.

It's a win, win for both sides.

Problem is, before the NCAA even considers listening to the proposal, the person that's delivering it is going to have to change.

The NCAA doesn't want Mark Cuban anywhere around them, just like the MLB doesn't want any part of him either.

He is a smart man but at the same time, loud, obnoxious, and often misunderstood. 

College football should at least give this proposal a thought. It could help make this wonderful game even better and shine some light to the less fortunate teams. 

It's not a playoff but it's a start.