College Football 2011: Nike Pro Combat and the Best New Uniforms This Season

Johnathan CaceCorrespondent IAugust 24, 2011

College Football 2011: Nike Pro Combat and the Best New Uniforms This Season

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    Every year, brands like Nike, Under Armour and Adidas unveil new uniforms for their schools and every year there are some that are a hit with the fans and some that are just plain ugly.

    Regardless, the companies make money and the players get to have a little fashionable fun while representing their team on the field.

    This year, a bunch of companies have already released some of their new uniforms but there are still plenty more to be released. Unfortunately, some of those are just incredibly boring.

    Out of the group of uniforms that has reached the public, here are five of the best new uniforms in all of college football.

Maryland: Best of the Worst

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    The Maryland Terrapins get the best of the worst award for their absolutely putrid all gold uniform combination.

    Actually, it’s nearly every uniform that has a gold piece to it. It is in a really odd shade and doesn’t look even as close to good as when Oregon did it. Even the Ducks could barely make that look that good.

    There are 16 total combinations of jerseys and two helmets. That's a lot of ugly jerseys.


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    Georgia barely sneaks into this list and it’s only because of their helmets. The silver on the helmets is different from the incredibly boring red and black uniforms .

    It’s really these helmets that will keep the Bulldogs from looking like a high school team against Boise State.

    The undershirts, which you won’t be able to see unless you go here, look really nice and have a unique, wavy design.


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    Michigan will be debuting throwback jerseys for the first night game ever in the Big House called “Under the Lights at the Big House.” How long did it take to come up with that nickname?

    Anyway, the retro “M” in the middle of the jersey somehow still looks modern and it’s a great concept for both Michigan and Notre Dame to wear throwbacks. Hopefully, their play will be reminiscent of the days when both teams were actually good football teams.

    The stripes along the shoulders give an additional touch of uniqueness.


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    Speaking of Oregon, the Ducks will once again be displaying new uniforms this season, specifically for their opener against LSU.

    The black and steel colored uniforms look great without being overdone. They also look really intimidating with the helmets, one aspect of jerseys that Nike never fails to impress on.

    The green shoes really pop but still go with the overall look. It should be great to watch them in action on September 3rd.

Arizona State

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    There was nothing that special about the new Arizona State jerseys except for the newly designed logo. Then they debuted the all black jerseys.

    It’s one of the single best uniforms I’ve ever seen and there are a lot of fans who agree with me.

    The other combinations are nice and the helmets are a definite improvement but whenever the Sun Devils take the field in these uniforms, you can bet they’ll be ready to play.

Oklahoma State

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    All three of these looks are great and could be arguably be the best uniform for the 2011 season. Well maybe except the all black Arizona State ones.

    The black and the flat gray look flat out amazing and even the white, boring jerseys look intimidating.

    Whenever the Pokes are on TV, they’re sure to look good. If their defense can look as good as their jerseys, Oklahoma State could easily win the national title.