The BC$ Strips College Football of Dignity; San Diego State Is On The Skids

Brad JamesCorrespondent INovember 14, 2008

In this article, I have chosen the insignia of all iniquity, the logo of lasciviousness and the seal of sedition. I didn't think I could hate the BCS more than I already do when I woke up this morning.

Nevertheless, I've once again been proven wrong. When I read the latest blogpost at, I found that the San Diego State Aztecs have found themselves in an interesting quandary, which the Bc$ has perpetrated mercilessly.

According to our friends at SBB, the Aztecs are in danger of being kicked out of Qualcomm Stadium as the athletic department continues to lose money the way the NHL loses viewers.

I did watch the Aztecs as they visited Brigham Young last Saturday and notwithstanding their rough season, they came to LaVell Edwards Stadium and put forth a decent effort in a 41-12 loss.

Their next game is against Utah tomorrow at Qualcomm and the financially-strapped athletic department knows the best thing for the Aztecs to do is lose. Assuredly this will happen as San Diego State is far and away the worst team in the Mountain West Conference.

Nevertheless, it's sad to hear that the athletic department actually wants this to happen, especially if more money for the conference can help keep the Aztecs in the stadium they've inhabited since 1967.

The money will come if Utah wins at San Diego and defeats bitter rival Brigham Young the following Saturday as part of a BCS payout.

Now, let's think about this for a minute, the hierarchy of college football should be helping teams like San Diego State who are in financial quandaries.

Instead, they get rich from their stupid BCS bowls and do little to help their brethren around them. Thus, we're to the point where athletic departments are cheering against their own programs in hopes that their financial situations will become more propitious.

I've never really tried to understand why people advocate for the BCS, but this manifests to me that those who sustain it really are pernicious ghouls that only care about themselves.

If the San Diego State athletic department should shrivel up because the power brokers of college football are to selfish to advocate for a playoff, (we all know a playoff will make everyone richer) then this shows just how out of touch they are from reality.

Please, college presidents, I adjure you, give us a playoff as soon as possible! Hopefully if ESPN earns the rights to the BCS, they'll do the right thing and force the Rose Bowl to change as they're the major stumbling block.