Georgia Bulldogs Football: 0-2 Start Is Not out of the Question

Bob ZenContributor IIIAugust 23, 2011

Can UGA play in this building twice in 2011?
Can UGA play in this building twice in 2011?

An 0-2 start for the Georgia Bulldogs football team is not out of the question, but such a start would not guarantee that UGA won’t have a good season.

If nothing else, the first two games of the season will tell us a lot about our team. 0-2 is a real possibility, but doesn’t mean doom and despair. If we lose the first two but play well, then we still have something to build on.

Losing to a top-five team and a top-15 team, who many pick to win the East, is what you’re supposed to do if you’re barely a top-20 team coming off of a 6-7 season.

If we go 0-2, lose badly, our RBs put the ball on the ground, our WR’s can’t catch a cold and the wheel route continues to give us fits, then head coach Mark Richt is likely done at UGA.

I’m a bit more optimistic than 0-2, honestly. While we’re somewhat banged up coming to the end of fall practice, we’re still in good shape. Our offensive line has remained healthy. The injuries that we do have are minor, and we should be able to play everyone that we’re expecting on September 3. So let’s see how our first two opponents are faring.

Turning to our first opponent, if you compare our scrimmages to Boise State's, we’ve got a lot of questions answered, and they have a lot of new questions to ponder. Running back Isaiah Crowell’s impressing. Several of our receivers are showing up as well. I think our front seven are really going to turn it on this year.

Compare that with BSU, whose receivers are dropping balls and whose special teams, punting and field goal units are anything but special. Reading their boards, there are also apparently some deficiencies in their kickoff unit. If our guys are starting around midfield most of the day, then it could get ugly fast for BSU.

Looking at South Carolina is another thing altogether. They’re solid all the way around and will be giving us fits. Despite what the Old Ball Coach says about being over-ranked, I think they are going to be a tough team to beat this year. I'm counting on Stephen Garcia’s inability to keep it together and our streak against the Gamecocks to keep us in this game.

In my glass-half-full assessment, we’re 1-1 going into Week 3 with the SEC championship as our stated goal. Which game with be the win and which one will be the loss is a toss-up.

Even if we lose to USC, our remaining schedule is better than theirs, and they will somehow manage to lose at least two games before it is all said and done.

If we lose to BSU but win against USC, then we’re in the cat bird’s seat to win the East.

Even if we drop both games, we’ve still got a chance to play in the dome again come December.  September 3 can’t get here soon enough. Go Dawgs!