Miami Football: 10 Hurricanes with the Most Swag Ever

Nick McAndrews@@NickMcAndrewsCorrespondent IIIAugust 23, 2011

Miami Football: 10 Hurricanes with the Most Swag Ever

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    The University of Miami is known for many things.

    Right now, some of those things probably aren't as desirable as others, but regardless, the school has produced more NFL stars than any other school (feel free to argue with me Ohio State and USC fans).

    One thing that no one can take away from this university is the kind of attitude—or swagger, if you will—that comes with being a Miami Hurricane.

    The confidence that oozes off these players truly shows what it means to play for the U.

    So with as many great players as the U has produced, how can you even begin to narrow down which of these players has the most swagger?

    Here's my best shot at ranking the 10 Hurricanes with the most swagger of all time.

Who Just Missed the Cut:

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    Before I go any further, here is a list of NFL studs produced by the U:

    Jonathan Vilma

    Frank Gore

    Clinton Portis

    Reggie Wayne

    Kellen Winslow II

    Santana Moss

    Willis McGahee

    Rocky McIntosh

    Antrel Rolle

    Brandon Merriweather

    If these guys couldn't make the cut, imagine what swag the players on the list have?

10. Devin Hester

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    When the term "kickoff" is used, the first name that comes to mind is the one and only Devin Hester.

    The guy owns almost every record for a return man, and that is the only thing the guy does. Hester is an absolute machine, and a death sentence when you kick him the ball.

    There is no return man in the history of the Miami Hurricanes, or the NFL for that matter, that has more swagger than Devin Hester.

9. Andre Johnson

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    I think this video shows exactly why Andre Johnson belongs on this list.

    He's one of the best young receivers in the NFL and is perhaps the receiver that you'd least likely want to piss off.

    Johnson's "take nothing from nobody" attitude is exactly why he's got some of the most swag in 'Canes history.

8. Chuck Foreman

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    Chuck Foreman was known by NFL fans as "the spin doctor." He earned this nickname for the way he would dance around defenders as he rushed the Minnesota Vikings to greatness in the 70's.

    Foreman was named to the Pro Bowl five  times over in his career and is one of the true icons at the running back position.

    The way that he played the game was much different than what had been seen in the NFL before. Foreman's running style was so flashy and stylish for his day, he had to be from Miami.

    Foreman is one of the best throwback picks for most swag in the history of Miami.

7. Jim Otto

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    Jim Otto is another throwback pick on the swag-list. Though he wasn't as flashy and animated as other great Hurricanes, he is one of the most remembered centers in the history of the game.

    In his days as a Hurricane, Otto played not only center, but linebacker on the defense as well.

    Because he was so small for an offensive lineman, no NFL teams showed interest in Otto when he decided to go pro in 1960. This didn't stop him, though, because he was then drafted by the Oakland Raiders of the AFL where he played for 10 years—and is one of the only players to play for all 10 years of the AFL.

    Otto even wore an unusual number for a lineman: 00. He was allowed to wear this number as a pun on his name, something only a Hurricane could pull off.

    Otto is one of the greatest Hurricanes to ever play pro football. He was a first-ballot Hall of Famer in 1980 after receiving 10 All-AFL selections and three All-Pro selections after the merger brought him to the NFL.

    Even though Otto wasn't as outspoken as the Hurricane persona requires, he still has some of the most swag in the history of Miami football.

6. Sean Taylor

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    When you hear Sean Taylor's name, you think of how tragic death. You think what a waste of a young life and talent resulted from his death. That isn't how Sean Taylor should be remembered, though, because he has some of the most swag and personality of any player in the history of Miami Hurricanes football.

    Taylor was known by his teammates by the nickname "meast," which meant "half-man, half-beast" because of his ferocious hits in the NFL.

    As an NFL player, Taylor was known for getting fines from refusing to wear his uniform any way other than how he wanted to wear it. He didn't care if he got fined some money, so long as he looked good. Because, like Deon always said, "if you look good, you gonna play good," and Taylor always seemed to play good.

    I think if Taylor was still alive today, he would be known as one of the best safeties in the NFL. For now, anyways, he should always be known to Miami fans for having some of the most swag in 'Canes history.

5. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

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    Yes, that is the Rock. Yes, the same one from the World Wrestling Federation.

    Before he was busting heads in the ring, he was busting QBs as a defensive end for the Miami Hurricanes.

    Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?

    I don't know what the Rock is cooking, but it smells like he's got some serious swag.

    Johnson is an icon in pro wrestling, it doesn't matter that he didn't have much of a pro-football career because his swag will always be remembered.

4. Ed Reed

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    I think the term "ball-hawk" was invented to describe Ed Reed. Ok, maybe not—but still, the guy is probably one of the best NFL safeties of all time.

    If a quarterback throws the ball on the same side of the field as Reed, he might as well kiss it goodbye.

    Reed is like the Bermuda Triangle, when a flying object gets too close, it disappears—and then sometimes reappears in the other end zone.

    Reed will likely go down as one of the most dominant safeties to ever play the game, and will certainly be remembered for being a part of the 2001 Hurricanes team to win the National Championship.

    Reed's ability to make plays no matter where the ball is shows that he's got the kind of swagger to top even the best of other Hurricanes.

3. Warren Sapp

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    If there's anything Warren Sapp is, it's a character. He's the kind of outspoken player that has earned the University of Miami its reputation for producing the kind of players that it does.

    Sapp is one of the more iconic defensive linemen in NFL history and is one of the NFL Network's authorities on young defensive linemen.

    Sapp was a hard-hitter and was certainly known for running his mouth. He had the kind of swag the gets remembered not only in NFL history, but in the history of Miami football as well.

2. Michael Irvin

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    Irvin is probably the Hurricane that exemplifies the word swagger the most among the throwbacks.

    He was one of the flashiest receivers in the history of the game, and above all else, Irvin did what he wanted to do, when he wanted to do it.

    Irvin was Randy Moss, before Randy Moss was Randy Moss.

    His ego certainly matched his ability on the field, which is what lands him near the top of this list.

1. Ray Lewis

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    Did you really think anyone else would top this list?

    Ray Lewis is one of the most iconic NFL figures to date.

    He is feared on the field by almost everyone he faces. Even after such a long career already, Lewis is still one of the game's top linebackers.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention, he does a commercial for a soap. What's it called, you ask? Old Spice Swagger.

    Lewis just oozes swagger and there is no other Hurricane, or NFL player in general, that even comes close to the swag that comes out of this guy.

What Do You Think?

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    Did I miss any serious swagger worth mentioning?

    Please feel free to leave any comments for anyone I may have missed for this list.

    Thanks for reading!

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