Miami Hurricanes Football Scandal: Al Golden Owes His Time to Current Roster

Randy ChambersAnalyst IAugust 22, 2011

By now you have all heard about the scandal that includes the Miami Hurricanes.  It involves a booster named Nevin Shapiro, hookers, mansions, yachts, and tons of money.

The NCAA is currently investigating this big mess that Yahoo Sports reported less than a week ago.

There is no question that the Hurricanes did do something wrong and there is at least some proof to the report. Anytime you have thousands of documents, photos, receipts, and bank records, there's proof. So, the NCAA is going to come down hard on Miami.

The question now is what is Al Golden going to do?

Will he leave before everything hits the fan like so many other coaches have in the past? Or will he stay and fulfill his commitment to the Miami Hurricanes program?

He was recently asked if he had a clause in his contract to leave if the NCAA does come down hard on the program. He responded, “Listen, my family and I are excited about being here, OK? This is a great place, and we’re going to get this fixed.”

I sure hope he isn't just blowing smoke and is telling the truth. It's hard to trust college coaches with all of them changing their minds every two seconds like Brett Favre.

Granted, he was blindsided by this whole thing and I'm sure had nothing to do with it. With that, most people would run as fast as they could to another program and watch the whole thing blow up from afar like everyone else.

But what would that do? Sure wouldn't fix the problem.

There are 12 current Miami Hurricanes players that are included in the report. Al Golden owes his time to every single one of those players, including the ones that didn't do anything.

When you say you're the head coach of a program you are part of that program. Whether it be good or bad, you have to stand behind them and ride it to the end. 

Why leave? This is the chance to become the only positive out of the whole situation.

You stay and it shows that you're not just like the rest of the college coaches out there. That when you say you're going to do something, you do it. It will prove a lot to the players you're coaching and show the rest of college football what type of man you truly are.

It would also help in recruiting. 

If you just pack up and leave you are just as bad as the people that committed the crime.

If you're walking down the street and see somebody bleeding from a gun shot wound and you don't stop to help that person you're just as guilty as the shooter. You didn't shoot him, but you might as well have.

The Miami Hurricanes are bleeding from several wounds, what will Al Golden do?