Talkin' Noise: Volume 1

Michael OleszekAnalyst INovember 13, 2008

"Upon further review..."

The SEC may or may not have the toughest conference this season, but what it does have is the worst officiating.

Not only does it have the best tackling official in the game, but it also has the worst replay officials since the Oregon/Oklahoma fiasco.

Saturday night in Nashville, Florida WR Percy Harvin scores a rushing touchdown to put the Gators up 34-0, right??? Wrong. Try to follow.

The ball broke the plane of the goalline. Touchdown.

The ball touched the goalline as Harvin went to the ground. Touchdown.

Harvin was down by contact after he scored. Touchdown.

Vanderbilt ripped the ball out after Harvin scored. Give him six.

Vanderbilt fell on the loose ball outside of the endzone after Harvin scored. Still a touchdown.

After viewing the replay, the officials still gave to Vanderbilt at the 20, and not at the two-yard line where they recovered the supposed 'fumble.'

Not that the touchdown would have mattered much anyway, but the officials took away a touchdown that was rightfully earned.


"Speaking of Nashville..."

Last night, I spent the majority of the evening killing time until Sons of Anarchy came on by watching the Country Music Awards. 

Not a bad thing to watch considering the amount of smokin' hot female country singers there are in this world. But, they are mostly better to look at than listen to.

The guys aren't much better to listen to, either. George Strait was referred to as "The King." Too bad Elvis and Richard Petty already have that claim, so pick another name.

Watching the CMA's last night shows that there are no more badasses in country music anymore. No more 'shot a man in Reno/Just to watch him die.' Steel drums have replaced steel guitars.

Country music? Which country? Jamaica?? Because it damn sure isn't the United States.

The only saving grace the CMA's had was the extremely short 'tribute' to Jerry Reed. For those of you who don't know who Jerry Reed was, he played 'Snowman' in the Smokey and the Bandit films. Still don't know?? Ok, he was the evil coach in The Waterboy

Nashville was on a roll until last night. The Titans are undefeated, Vanderbilt was carrying the SEC torch for the state and not the Vols, and then they put out last night's show; which boiled down to an American Idol hack and some guy who'd like to check you for ticks. Go figure.


"You don't tug on Superman's cape...."

Eric Norwood, meet Geno Hayes; and Ricky Jean-Francois; and Demonte Bolden, and the guys from Miami and Georgia.

Learn from their examples. You just don't trash talk the Florida Gators, and especially not Tim Tebow. Do you not see what a motivated team this is?

So, you don't think that Florida will put up 40 points? How about 50 then? or 60?

Let me ask you this—Have you ever seen a child poke at a big dog with a stick?? It doesn't end well.


"My sincere apologies..."

To Penn State coach Joe Paterno. This should have been your swan song: A chance to ride off into the sunset with a National Championship. A chance to validate Penn State's existence in the Big Ten. A chance to validate the Big Ten, period. A redemption of sorts for missing out on that 1994 National Championship.

This year would have wiped out all the naysayers and the STATE PENN t-shirts, and those player arrests would be forgiven as long as you won.

But, I guess Coastal Carolina and Syracuse doesn't prepare you for life in the Big Ten, after all.


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