Miami Hurricanes Football: Is the "Death Penalty" in Their Future?

Junior SkeppleContributor IIAugust 16, 2011

MIAMI, FL - OCTOBER 9: Jacory Harris #12 hands the ball off to Damien Berry #20 of the Miami Hurricanes against the Florida State Seminoles on October 9, 2010 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida. The Seminoles defeated the Hurricanes 45-17. (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)
Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Stunning revelations about the Miami Hurricane football program are coming to light as Yahoo! Sports Dan Wetzel and Chris Robinson break possibly one of the biggest and most scandalous sports stories ever.

Nevin Shapiro, a former University of Miami booster, is telling all about his interactions with current and former Miami Hurricane football players and it is not good. Shapiro says he gave illegal benefits ranging from free meals, hotel rooms, prostitutes and cash payments to players beginning in the early 2000s.

These violations are shocking enough, but perhaps most disturbing is the cash bounties put on opposing player's heads. Chris Rix and Tim Tebow, former Florida State University and University of Florida quarterbacks were mentioned in the article.

Off-field violations are serious, but when on the field results and the welfare of opposing players is affected the NCAA is going to have a huge issue with the University of Miami and its football program.

But what does this mean for the current University of Miami football team?

No one can really be sure right now but all I can say is that we may be witnessing the end of the University of Miami football team and "The U" as we know it.

There is strong evidence to prove that what Shapiro is saying is true and if the NCAA can confirm his story the 'Canes are done. 

At this point, it is a premature, but if down the road the NCAA decides to act, it would be reasonable to think some of the penalties inflicted would be postseason bans and drastic scholarship reduction. With no postseason and no scholarships to award, Florida's elite football talent will go elsewhere to pursue their college career.

While reading the Yahoo! Sports article I could not help but think about the Southern Methodist University football team and the Mustangs receiving the "dealth penalty" and losing the entire 1987 football season.

I can not fathom this happening—but after reading the rather lengthy article, who knows.

You may not be a fan of the University of Miami football program, but when they are good, it is good for college football.

I just hope "The U" can survive this hurricane.