'Bama Wagon: Why Alabama Is the Greatest Bandwagon Team in Sports

Matt Sheehan@@MattSheehan333Analyst IAugust 14, 2011

TUSCALOOSA, AL - OCTOBER 24:  Fans of the Alabama Crimson Tide cheer against the Tennessee Volunteers at Bryant-Denny Stadium on October 24, 2009 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
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Bandwagon fans.

Some of us are guilty of being one, a few of us will actually admit to the crime, but all of us, yes, all of us, hate the fact that they are present in the world. Heat fans, Red Sox/Yankees supporters, you name it, they are all over the place—but what goes on if the moderate fan wanted to stoop down to the college level? Where would the everyday bandwagon Joe want to go if he wanted to represent a squad come college football season?

Take a look no further than Tuscaloosa, Alabama my friend, and find yourself in the friendly confines of Crimson Tide fandom, home of the best college football bandwagon team. Heck, the Alabama Crimson Tide just may be the greatest team on earth to become bandwagon fans of period, and if you wait any longer to hop aboard you may be robbing yourself of valuable time.

Now, what is something these fans look for in finding a random team to root for? Wins, tradition, excitement, pride and figures. Have you ever been a bandwagon fan for a losing team with no decent background? Or a team with no dazzle or stars to show? Or someone who roots for a team that their own city doesn’t even pull for? If yes, then congratulations on being the only Detroit Lions bandwagon fan in the past 10 years—that is truly impressive. If, however, you do like those five key components in your new team, then welcome aboard and Roll Tide!

Alabama is looking at another year of giving fans, even their new ones, football at its finest. Ranked No. 2 in the nation and having a Hummer (aka Trent Richardson) as their running back, I’m certain ‘Bamawagon fans won’t turn away at this opportunity. Even while playing the toughest division in football, the SEC West, I expect they will draw in 10 wins. If 10 wins doesn’t come, then the excuse of "we play in the hardest division in football" will come in handy once your Big Ten buddies start dogging on you.

It’s practically foolproof—if you win you’re the greatest, but if you lose, dang it, you’re still one of the greatest. How does it get better? I’ll show you.

Alabama football gives fans arguably the best two words to shout in sports, "Roll Tide." It can mean anything. Just watch the ESPN commercial—it can mean a simple hello, it can confirm an agreement, or even finish an unfinished thought. It’s so catchy, I would bet that it could be a child’s first words. Let’s face the fact, bandwagon fans have a fever, and the only prescription is more "Roll Tide." As far as "Rammer Jammer, Yellow Hammer" goes, we might have to wait a season or two before an intro is given.

Even if you are just that mild fan who doesn’t really have the time to dig through all the players' stats and whatnot, you don’t have to worry because in the wonderful land of college football the players are ousted every four years. Sometimes even less, if you get lucky. The only perennial figure who stands in college football year after year is the coach, and dammit I can’t think of a man who stands taller on the sidelines than Mr. Nick Saban.

'Bama’s four-million-dollars-a-year man racks up recruits and reputation like no other, and with that you don’t have to worry about following recruits, you can already assume that your incoming class will be lights out. Not only that, but the lack of allegations and scandal around the program is an added bonus—in the era of football that we're in, that couldn’t be more of a plus.

Alabama football has the willpower to reel in a nation-wide fanbase due to their winning tradition, endless pride and football persona. They’re exciting to watch, promising to cheer for and even clean of cheating (or so we think). Any way you look at it, Alabama has your favorite aspect of a great football team.

So, by now you are either about to make your final steps into ‘Bama fandom, already an Alabama fan, or sticking to your guns and staying with your team. Whatever you choose, I wish you the best of luck to your team this season, and Tuscaloosa, "Roll Tide!"


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