Michigan Football: Thankful for Fall Camp, Eager for More News

DJ WalkerCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2011

The fact that I'm a computer programmer and living outside the state of Michigan drives me crazy this time of the year.

I can't say things like "Is it Sept. 3rd yet?" without people giving me a weird look or asking, "What's on Sept. 3rd?"

I can't talk about new commits or training camp news with anyone because nobody here cares about how many 4-star recruits Michigan has pillaged from Ohio, or how Will Campbell got in shape over the summer and managed to meet his target weight for fall camp.

I'm not saying that nobody in my office cares about sports (although computer geeks who care about more than World of Warcraft and see the occasional beam of sunlight are just a rare breed), it's just that if I were back home around the people I grew up with it wouldn't even be a question of what I was talking about.

So now, after a several month hiatus, I'm back here on Bleacher Report to talk football with people who share my love for the game, and I'm excited. New news can't come in fast enough.


Let's have a moment of Schadenfreude...

It appears that Terrelle Pryor has been ruled ineligible for the NFL supplemental draft. This is, of course, not officially announced yet, but hey, it's on the Internet so it has to be true, right?

Also, insert comments regarding karma below. 

Hooray for fall camp!

Fall camp seems to be going well, but I don't think a coach in the history of ever has come out and said, "This team is crap, and we're going to lose every game this year."

I take coach Hoke's undying optimism with a big grain of salt and try to look through the P.C. responses and glean something deeper there.

Key points from Hoke's presser the other night:

  • Will Campbell is down in weight. He came to spring ball out of shape (something like 342 lbs!) and is down to somewhere around 318.
  • With the suspension of Hagerup for the first four games of the season we could possibly see Matt Wile (Kicker, FR) at punting duties as well as kicking.
  • Hoke is preaching about both sides of the ball needing "bread and butter plays." For the offense this is the "power play" (read: iso), the play action, and then something for two-minute situations. He didn't go into specifics about what defensive plays are going to be key, just that these plays need to be ones the guys can execute without having to think.
  • He won't comment on Stonum except to say he has done everything the coaching staff has asked him to do.
  • We'll know more about how Woolfolk is doing once they start practicing in pads and the hitting starts. On hitting: QB's will obviously be off-limits throughout camp.

If you would like to see the full (ish) presser from the first day of came you can view it here.

EDIT: Tim from MGoBlog.com has notes from Al Borges' meeting with the press last night (8/10) and there's some pretty good things in there. Borges confirms what most of us were guessing: Less carries for Denard but he'll still get to run the ball.

In case you don't live in Ann Arbor...

Construction on the new scoreboards is coming right along. Rear view of the north scoreboard from a couple of days ago. 

In non-football-but-still-slightly-relevant news, Crisler Arena got a new floor, and it comes equipped with charge lines!



Other things from around the web

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If anyone needs something to fall asleep to tonight the Big 10 Network is doing a "Michigan State Day."  

Denard makes the bottom of the list for preseason Heisman hopefuls or at least ESPN's list. 

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Opinion-type-thing mildly related to Michigan Football:

Am I alone in the fact that I would have loved to see the Lions pick up Mike Hart in free agency, just for the sake of supreme homerism and nothing else?