Nebraska Football: The Cornhuskers's Recruiting Pipeline States

Mike WehlingAnalyst ISeptember 28, 2011

Nebraska Football: The Cornhuskers's Recruiting Pipeline States

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    I am sure most of you have played the popular sports game NCAA Football.  If you haven't, I will fill you in.  You can be a coach for your favorite University and play the games and recruit the players. 

    One of the ways that you can get players to come to your school is developing pipeline states.  These are states that have several players on your team.  The game has four players as the threshold for what is a pipeline state and what is not.  If a state has four or more players from a certain state, it's considered a pipeline state. 

    This got me thinking, which states could be seen as pipeline states for the Huskers?  What are the states that Nebraska mines the most?

5. Colorado/Missouri

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    Coming in at number five is a tie with five Huskers each from the states of Colorado and Missouri.

    Notable players from Missouri include WR Brandon Kinnie, DL Chase Rome and LB Will Compton.

    Missouri has also produced some famous Huskers, such as former standout Grant Wistrom. 

    Notables from Colorado include WR Kenny Bell, OL Mike Moudy and OL Jeremiah Sirles.

    It would make sense for Nebraska to mine both Colorado and Missouri for prospects. The two are the largest border states in terms of population to Nebraska.  They are both close enough for recruits' families to visit and watch their games.  Nebraska has even been able to steal recruits from the cities that their rivals hail from.  Kenny Bell from Boulder, home of the Colorado Buffaloes, and Chase Roma from Columbia, home of the Missouri Tigers.

    Currently Nebraska has gotten commits from one player in both Colorado and Missouri.  Middle linebacker Michael Rose from Missouri and offensive lineman Paul Thurston.

    Nebraska is targeting quarterback Steve Donatell from Colorado, and defensive end Nathanael Lohn from Missouri.

4. Florida

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    At number four is the Sunshine State with six Cornhuskers originating from Florida.  Notable players from Florida include LB Lavonte David, QB Brion Carnes, and OL Tyler Moore.

    Nebraska has also gotten some great players from Florida, one in particular you may have heard of.  He's considered the greatest college football quarterback, Tommie Frazier.

    While Nebraska is far away from Florida, they have visited the state numerous times through bowl games, in particular the Orange Bowl which Nebraska has played in 17 times.  Only Oklahoma has more with 18.

    Nebraska is targeting safety Jordan Diggs, cornerback Tyreece Jiles, tight end Orlando David, wide receiver Gheirry Vanderkup, and wide receiver Daniel Braverman.

3. California

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    At number three is the state of California with seven players. Notable players from California include QB Taylor Martinez, DL Eric Martin and DL Cameron Meredith.

    California, like Florida, is far away from Nebraska, two time zones away.  However, Nebraska has a history of playing teams from the West Coast.  In fact, every year in which Nebraska has won a national title they played an original PAC-8 team.  They have played the original PAC-8 teams 49 times, and will start a home and home series with UCLA starting next year.

    Nebraska has no commits from California.  They are currently targeting offensive lineman Kyle Murphy, defensive tackle Aziz Shittu, cornerback Kevon Seymour, cornerback Brandon Beaver, safety Gerald Bowman, wide receiver Darius Powe and linebacker Joe Robinson.

2. Texas

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    The Lone Star State contributes the second most number of Cornhuskers with 23 scholarship and walk-on players.  Notable players include WR Jamal Turner, RB Rex Burkhead and CB Ciante Evans.

    Nebraska has mined Texas for years, and it has helped them get some great players.  Nebraska did not always play in Texas like they did in the Big 12.  But they did play in Oklahoma, and occasionally played a Texas school.  Nebraska also has large alumni and fan bases in Texas.  With so many players that make big contributions from the Lone Star state, Nebraska will have to keep this pipeline alive.  They may have to schedule some games against some Texas schools.

    Currently Nebraska has one commit from Texas: quarterback Tommy Armstong.

    Nebraska is targeting linebacker Brian Nance, defensive end Javonte Magee and defensive end Taiwan Johnson.

1. Nebraska

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    The Cornhuskers home state of Nebraska is home to the most players with 69 scholarships and walk-ons.  Notable players include DL Jared Crick, DL Baker Steinkuhler and C Mike Caputo.

    It makes sense that Nebraska would produce the most Huskers.  The walk-on lineman from Nebraska helped build Devaney and Osborne's programs at Nebraska.  Most boys in Nebraska dream of playing for the Huskers and would jump at the chance to walk-on.

    Nebraska has one commit from their home state, Sam Cotton, son of Barney Cotton, who is a tight end.

    Nebraska is not currently targeting any other players from Nebraska, though defensive tackle Mike Shoff is high on the Cornhuskers and would probably commit to Nebraska if offered.