Ohio State Football: 5 Reasons Why Braxton Miller Should Start Right Away

Luke Pashke@@luke_pashkeCorrespondent IAugust 4, 2011

Ohio State Football: 5 Reasons Why Braxton Miller Should Start Right Away

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    With the dust still unsettled around Ohio State and its football program, the uncertainties are endless.

    Who will be the long-term head coach? What players will fill in for the suspended veterans?

    We're still not even sure of the extent of the NCAA's punishment as a result of the program's recent infractions.

    But one thing can be certain. Braxton Miller should absolutely start right away.  

5. A Favorable Opening Schedule

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    The first five games of Ohio State's schedule consists of one Big Ten opponent and no ranked teams. Their first two games are against MAC teams that, barring a complete disaster, should be effortless wins.

    With this manageable schedule, Braxton Miller would be given the chance to experience some growing pains that would be far less magnified and consequential, as opposed to later in the season.

    Let Miller learn from his mistakes in our tune-up games and out of conference. Therefore, by the time we line up against the beef of our Big Ten schedule, he will have comfortable experience under his belt.

    Why start Bauserman to begin the season only to replace him with Miller later on? Ohio State should use their light opening schedule to prepare their young freshman for the difficult back end of their season.   

4. The Future

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    Even the most diehard Buckeye fans must admit that they don't expect as much from this season as they normally do.

    With an interim head coach, an inexperienced quarterback and countless veteran stars suspended for the first half of the season, a solid 9-3 record would be a pleasant surprise, and any share of the Big Ten title would be a dream.

    If there was ever a season at Ohio State to plan for the future, it would easily be this one. The best way to plan for this future is to start Braxton Miller from the get-go.

    No matter who the Buckeyes start at quarterback, this season lacks great promise. However, with Miller under center the future in Columbus is certainly bright. Why not immediately allow the Freshman to gain game experience and learn the offense in and out?

    Also with the pending suspensions of several polished veterans, starting Miller from Week 1 will allow him to grow with his future running mates. Miller will be able to build a strong foundation of trust and familiarity with other future Buckeye stars while they are filling in for their suspended teammates.  

3. Ohio State's Success with Dual-Threat Quarterbacks

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    In the eight-plus years of offensive coordinator Jim Bollman's tenure, Ohio State's most successful offenses have been under the leadership of a dual-threat quarterback, such as Troy Smith or Terrelle Pryor.

    Granted both these field generals were exceptional players, but Braxton Miller's talent and potential are just as good. Bollman has good experience working with athletic quarterbacks and has been required to cater to the abilities of a pass first quarterback like Smith, along with a more run oriented QB like Pryor.

    Miller seems to be more efficient than Pryor in the passing game and a more talented runner than Smith. The combination of these two skill sets could really open up the playbook at Ohio State and give them a more balanced approach.     

2. Playmaker/Catalyst

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    Every offense needs a catalyst in order to be successful. Rarely in football does a play go exactly according to plan, and it relies on a playmaker to pick up slack.

    Whether it be running out of the pocket for a big first down, adjusting to a poorly thrown ball and snagging it out of mid-air or even just falling forward for a few extra yards every carry.

    Whatever the case may be, a prime time playmaker is absolutely necessary to be a good offense.

    Unfortunately for Ohio State, their playmakers have either left or face a five-game suspension to start off the season. This leaves the Buckeyes with slim pickings for a game changer.

    Their best available catalyst is without a doubt Braxton Miller and his talent will be necessary for the Buckeyes to possess a potent offense. He has the ability to run for a vital first down or make the necessary throws to move the ball down field.

    His skill set offers the opportunity to make a great play out of nothing and keep the Buckeyes competitive.     

1. The Fans' Sake

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    This offseason has been a complete nightmare for Buckeye fans. From vacated wins, to the loss of a long-term head coach and star quarterback, we have certainly been through the fire.

    We have dealt with constant ridicule from opposing fans and have endured the embarrassment of the NCAA infractions committed by our beloved program. 

    This upcoming season gives the Buckeye faithful absolutely nothing to look forward to and leaves us with little to no hope. However, Braxton Miller possesses what every Buckeye fan yearns for, and that's a fresh start.

    We want to be proud of our program again and the star who represents it. We need a new hope to latch onto and something to get excited about. We need a light at the end of this long and daunting tunnel.

    For this, we turn to Braxton Miller.