Why USC Has the Best Offensive Line Talent of All Pac-12 Two-Deeps

Michael TierneyAnalyst IAugust 4, 2011

Why USC Has the Best Offensive Line Talent of All Pac-12 Two-Deeps

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    The best way to measure which conference team has the best talent on the offensive line is to evaluate the "predicted two-deep roster" with the most reliable source for player evaluation. Rivals rankings are the most reliable ratings of player talent level.

    Now fans of teams who don't have the stars will knock the stars. But stars are stars.

    This is not a measure of how squads play as a team, or who has the best coaching. It is a quick look at talent. Rivals rankings are important because more 5-star players are drafted into the NFL than 3-star players, and higher-rated players are better playmakers. That is why coaches recruit 4- and 5-stars.

    Each team's 10 players on the predicted offensive-line two-deep roster can have a possible 50 points. That would be 10 players, all with 5-star ratings. But no team has that level of talent. For instance, Oklahoma has one 5-star player, five 4-star players, three 3-star players and one unranked player. That equates to 35 total stars. Oklahoma, perhaps the No. 1 team in college football, is a good benchmark at 35 points.

    If your team does not have highly-rated players, no whining—there will always the rich and the poor. 

1st: USC Trojans (36 Stars)

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    Talent Level: (36/50)

    One 5-Star Starter

    Four 4-Star Starters


    2011: Big, Fast, Ultra Talented 


    USC Starting Offensive Line

    LT Matt Kalil, 5-Star, 6-7, 295, Jr.

    LG Cyrus Hobbi, 4-Star, 6-4, 285, Fr.

    C Khaled Holmes, 4-Star, 6-4, 300, Jr.

    RG John Martinez, 4-Star, 6-2, 290, So.

    RT Kevin Graf, 4-Star, 6-6, 300, So.


    USC Back-Up Offensive Line

    LT David Garness, 3-Star, 6-5, 290, Jr.

    LG Giovanni Di Poalo, 4-Star, 6-8, 295, Fr.

    C Abe Markowitz, NR, 6-1, 280, Jr.

    RG Jeremy Galten, 3-Star, 6-4, 285, Jr.

    RT Aundrey Walker, 4-Star, 6-6, 375, Fr.



    Perhaps the most talented starting offensive line in the country.

    Excels at drive blocking.

2nd: Colorado Buffaloes (32 Stars)

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    Talent Level: (32/50)

    One 5-Star Starter

    One 4-Star Starter


    2011: Strong Right Side


    Colorado Starting Offensive Line

    LT David Bakhtiari, 2-Star, 6-4, 295, So.

    LG Ethan Adkins, 3-Star, 6-4, 290, Sr.

    C Daniel Munyer, 3-Star, 6-2, 290, Fr.

    RG Ryan Miller, 5-Star, 6-8, 295, Sr.

    RT Jack Harris, 4-Star, 6-5, 295, So.


    Colorado Back-Up Offensive Line

    LT Alex Lewis, 3-Star, 6-6, 270, Fr.

    LG Kaiwi Crabb, 3-Star, 6-3, 300, Fr.

    C Shawn Daniels, 3-Star, 6-3, 275, Sr.

    RG Ryan Dannewitz, 3-Star, 6-6, 295, Jr.

    RT Sione Tau, 3-Star, 6-5, 350, Sr.



    New offensive line coach Steve Marshall.

3rd: California Bears (32 Stars)

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    Talent Level: (32/50)

    One 4-Star Starter


    2011: Experienced




    California Starting Offensive Line

    LT Mitchell Schwartz, 3-Star, 6-5, 310, Sr.

    LG Brian Schwenke, 3-Star, 6-2, 285, Jr.

    C Dominic Galas, 3-Star, 6-1, 280, Jr.

    RG Justin Cheadle, 3-Star, 6-2, 290, Sr.

    RT M. Summers-Gavin, 4-Star, 6-3, 280, Jr.


    California Back-Up Offensive Line

    LT Bill Tyndall, NR, 6-5, 285, So.

    LG A. Crosthwaite, 4-Star, 6-3, 280, Fr.

    C Mark Brazinski, 4-Star, 6-2, 280, So.

    RG Geoffrey Gibson, 3-Star, 6-4, 325, Fr.

    RT Tyler Rigsbee, 4-Star, 6-4, 275, Jr.



    Will Summers-Gavin play right tackle?

4th: Arizona State Sun Devils (28 Stars)

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    Talent Level: (28/50)

    No 4 or 5-Star Starters


    2011: Experienced and Big




    Arizona State Starting Offensive Line

    LT Evan Finkenberg, 3-Star, 6-6, 292, So.

    LG Mike Marcisz, NR, 6-5, 300, Sr.

    C Garth Gerhart, 3-Star, 6-1, 300, Sr.

    RG Andrew Sampson, 3-Star, 6-3, 300, Jr.

    RT Aderious Simmons, 3-Star, 6-7, 310, Sr.


    Arizona State Back-Up Offensive Line

    LT Jamil Douglas, 3-Star, 6-4, 284, Fr.

    LG Adam Tello, 3-Star, 6-3, 292, Sr.

    C Kody Koebensky, 3-Star, 6-4, 300, So.

    RG Brice Schwab, 4-Star, 6-7, 302, Sr.

    RT Dan Knapp, 2-Star, 6-5, 277, Sr.



    All five starters, including center Garth Gerhart, return from last year.

    Eleven of 12 from the 2010 two-deep are back.

    2011 Key: improve on pass protection.

5th: Stanford Cardinal (28 Stars)

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    Talent Level: (28/50)

    No 4 or 5-Star Starters


    2011: Needs to Gel




    Stanford Starting Offensive Line

    LT Jonathan Martin, 3-Star, 6-6, 297, So.

    LG Kevin Danser, 3-Star, 6-6, 284, Jr.

    C Sam Schwartzstein, 2-Star, 6-3, 278, Jr.

    RG David DeCastro, 3-Star, 6-5, 307, Jr.

    RT Tyler Mabry, 3-Star, 6-7, 290, Sr.


    Stanford Back-Up Offensive Line

    LT David Yankey, 3-Star, 6-5, 305, Fr.

    LG Matt Bentler, 2-Star, 6-5, 297, Sr.

    C Khalil Wilkes, 3-Star, 6-3, 280, So.

    RG Cole Underwood, 3-Star, 6-4, 375, Fr.

    RT Cameron Fleming, 3-Star, 6-6, 299, Fr.



    The loss of OG Andrew Phillips, C Chase Beeler, and OT Derek Hall will be felt. The offensive line is the biggest concern.

6th: Oregon Ducks (27 Stars)

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    Talent Level: (27/50)

    Two 4-Star Starters


    2011: Small and Fast





    Oregon Starting Offensive Line

    LT Darrion Weems, 4-Star, 6-5, 292, Sr.

    LG Carson York, 4-Star, 6-5, 286, Jr.

    C Karrington Armstrong, NR, 6-2, 260, So.

    RG Ramsen Golpashin, NR, 6-4, 275, Sr.

    RT Mark Asper, 2-Star, 6-7, 325, Sr.


    Oregon Back-Up Offensive Line

    LT Everett Benyard, 3-Star, 6-7, 325, So.

    LG Mana Greig, NR, 5-11, 291, So.

    C Hroniss Grasu, 3-Star, 6-3, 278, Fr.

    RG Nick Cody, 4-Star, 6-5, 296, Jr.

    RT Ryan Clanton, 4-Star, 6-4, 294, Jr.



    The Ducks have struggled against physical teams. Losing three starters may make for a tough first game.

7th: Utah Utes (27 Stars)

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    Talent Level: (27/50)

    One 4-Star Starter


    2011: Slightly Undersized





    Utah Starting Offensive Line

    LT John Cullen, 4-Star, 6-5, 298, Sr.

    LG Ron Tongaonevai, 2-Star, 6-3, 345, Jr.

    C Tevita Stevens, NR, 6-1, 297, Jr.

    RG Sam Brenner, 3-Star, 6-3, 300, Jr.

    RT Tony Bergstrom, 3-Star, 6-6, 315, Sr.


    Utah Back-Up Offensive Line

    LT Percy Tuamoelau, 3-Star, 6-4, 314, So.

    LG Jeremiah Tofaeono, 3-Star, 6-3, 314, So.

    C Vyncent Jones, 3-Star, 6-3, 295, So.

    RG Isaac Asiata, 3-Star, 6-3, 307, Fr.

    RT Kapua Sai, 2-Star, 6-5, 307, So.



    New Offensive Coordinator Norm Chow.

    2011 Key: Development of back-ups.

    Guard spots still open (Tongaonevai/Brenner most likely).

    Spring injuries: Vyncent Jones, Isaac Asiata, Sam Brenner, Tony Bergstrom and John Cullen

8th: Washington Huskies (27 Stars)

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    Talent Level: (27/50)

    One 4-Star Starter


    2011: Spring Injuries Will Not Be An Issue




    Washington Starting Offensive Line

    LT Senio Kelemete, 3-Star, 6-4, 289, Sr.(missed spring with a popped plantar fascia) 

    LG Erik Kohler, 4-Star, 6-5, 306, So.

    C Drew Schaefer, 3-Star, 6-4, 281, Jr.

    RG Colin Porter, 3-Star, 6-4, 307, So.

    RT Ben Riva, 3-Star, 6-5, 275, Fr. (slight spring injury)


    Washington Back-Up Offensive Line

    LT Skyler Fancher, 2-Star, 6-5, 303, Sr.

    LG Colin Tanigawa, 3-Star, 6-3, 310, Fr.

    C D. Kanczugowski, NR, 6-4, 327, Jr.

    RG James Atoe, 2-Star, 6-6, 355, Fr.

    RT Micah Hatchie, 3-Star, 6-5, 274, Fr.



    2011 Key: Strengthen the right side of the line.

    Three 2010 starters need to be replaced.

    Four 2011 starters with playing experience.

9th: UCLA Bruins (26 Stars)

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    Talent Level: (26/50)

    One 4-Star Starter


    2011: Injuries Already




    UCLA Starting Offensive Line

    LT Sean Sheller, 3-Star, 6-5, 300, Sr. (6th year, medical)

    LG Jeff Baca, 3-Star, 6-4, 305, Jr. (out, ankle injury)

    C Kai Maiava, 2-Star, 6-1, 318, Sr. (sat out some spring, ankle)

    RG Chris Ward, 4-Star, 6-4, 318, So. (Hasiak ineligible)

    RT Mike Harris, 3-Star, 6-5, 319, Sr.


    UCLA Back-Up Offensive Line

    LT Connor Bradford, 3-Star, 6-5, 249, Jr.

    LG Casey Griffiths, NR, 6-4, 286, So. (playing for Baca)

    C Greg Capella, 3-Star, 6-4, 320, So.

    RG Wade Yandall, 3-Star, 6-4, 329, Fr.

    RT Brett Downey, NR, 6-7, 302, Jr.



    New Offensive Coordinator Mike Johnson.

    2011 Key: Development of back-ups (urgent).

    Baca broke his ankle in spring, 2011.

    Sheller broke his hand in early April, 2011.

    Maiava sat out the 2010 season after fracturing his ankle.

    Stan Hasiak ruled academically ineligible in 2010 and again for 2011.

10th: Washington State Cougars (23 Stars)

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    Talent Level: (23/50)

    No 4 or 5-Star Starters



    2011: Need to Block Better




    Washington State Starting Offensive Line

    LT David Gonzalez, NR, 6-6, 275, Sr.

    LG John Fullington, 3-Star, 6-5, 268, So.

    C Andrew Roxas, 3-Star, 6-2, 304, Sr.

    RG B.J. Guerra, 2-Star, 6-3, 315, Sr.

    RT Wade Jacobson, 3-Star, 6-6, 304, Sr.


    Washington State Back-Up Offensive Line

    LT Dan Spitz, 2-Star, 6-6,240, Jr.

    LG Tyson Pencer, 3-Star, 6-7, 320, Jr.

    C Taylor Meighen, 2-Star, 6-3, 280, Jr.

    RG Elliott Bosch, NR, 6-4, 258, So.

    RT Rico Forbes, 3-Star, 6-6, 290, Jr.



    119th nationally in sacks allowed for 2010.

    117th in rushing offense for 2010.

11th: Oregon State Beavers (21 Stars)

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    Talent Level: (21/50)

    One 4-Star Starter



    2011: Very Undersized




    Oregon State Starting Offensive Line

    LT Mike Remmers, NR, 6-4, 299, Sr.

    LG Josh Andrews, 3-Star, 6-2, 289, So.

    C Grant Johnson, NR, 6-3, 293, Sr.

    RG Burke Ellis, NR, 6-4, 290, Sr.

    RT Michael Phillip, 4-Star, 6-3, 298, Jr.


    Oregon State Back-Up Offensive Line

    LT Geoff Garner, 2-Star, 6-5, 307, So.

    LG Grant Enger, 3-Star, 6-5, 279, So.

    C Roman Sapolu, 3-Star, 6-0, 266, Fr.

    RG Michael Lamb, NR, 6-3, 293, Sr.

    RT Collin Kelly, 2-Star, 6-4, 286, Jr.



    Underperformed last year even with Alex Linnenkohl.

    2011 Key: Improvement across the line.

    Four blue-collar starters returning.

12th: Arizona Wildcats (18 Stars)

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    Talent Level: (18/50)

    No 4 or 5-Star Starters


    2011: Big But Very Young and Inexperienced




    Arizona Starting Offensive Line

    LT Mickey Baucus, 3-Star, 6-8, 295, Fr.

    LG Chris Putton, NR, 6-4, 298, So.

    C Kyle Quinn, NR, 6-2, 297, Jr.

    RG Trace Biskin, NR, 6-5, 295, Jr.

    RT Fabbians Ebbele, 3-Star, 6-8, 295, Fr.


    Arizona Back-Up Offensive Line

    LT Trent Spurgeon, NR, 6-7, 290, Fr.

    LG Carter Lees, 3-Star, 6-5, 310, Fr.

    C Addison Bachman, 2-Star, 6-5, 290, Jr.

    RG Eric Bender-Ramsay, NR, 6-6, 325, So.

    RT Shane Zink, 2-Star, 6-7, 302, Jr.



    New Offensive Line Coach Robert Anae.

    2011 Key: Development of starters and back-ups.

    Returns no true starters from 2010.