College Football 2011 Frauds: 25 Teams, Coaches and Players We Don't Believe in

John Rozum@Rozum27Correspondent IAugust 4, 2011

College Football 2011 Frauds: 25 Teams, Coaches and Players We Don't Believe in

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    Folks, we are on the brink of a new season and just like every year, college football is filled with tons of excitement.

    Also every year, there are teams, players, and coaches who ultimately disappoint.

    Well, for one, it's inevitable, and two, it's not always the same teams, players, and coaches.

    Although, it some cases it is.

    So, who are the frauds for 2011?

    There will be those that may surprise you, as well as those that don't.

    In any event, it will cause some much needed debating since the season is right around the corner.

    With that, get your game-face on as we delve ourselves into this list of college football frauds.

Tyler Wilson: QB, Arkansas

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    To begin, it's going to be difficult filling the shoes of Ryan Mallett.

    Secondly, he's already been at Arkansas for three years, and hasn't received very much playing time.

    Now, he's only going to be a junior (because of a medical redshirt his freshman year), so he does have time to develop.

    2011 will be a complete learning experience for him, so Wilson will have to win over fans if he wants them to believe in him.

    Then maybe, 2012 acts as the breakout year.

Missouri Tigers

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    Under head coach Gary Pinkel, the Missouri Tigers have had their most success as a football program.

    However, their two conference title appearances were losses to Oklahoma, and they fell just short of another Big 12 North Division title in 2010.

    Until the Tigers (with all the hype they've been getting) actually get over the Oklahoma-hump, it's tough to be a believer.

    In any event, as a college football fan, underdog/Cinderella runs are always exciting.

Tom O'Brien: Head Coach, North Carolina State

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    Coach Tom O'Brien's first three season's at N.C. State were losing season's (5-7, 6-7, 5-7), but he managed to get the Wolfpack to 9-4 in 2010.

    Problem is, he's never had the luxury of a 10-win season wherever he's coached, and he currently has a losing record in the ACC.

    After four years of rather mediocre football (most coaches are only given three), it's tough to hop on his bandwagon.

    Don't be surprised if he's out before 2012, if 2011 doesn't go as planned.

Stephen Garcia: QB, South Carolina

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    He's had way too many off the field issues to even remember.

    Thing is, he could be a lot better had his head been screwed on a little tighter.

    The Gamecocks still remain as my SEC pick (if there's a year for them, it's this year), but Garcia still makes me cringe.

Oklahoma State Cowboys

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    From 1995-2002 Oklahoma State saw its best success against the Sooners as they went 5-3, winning two in a row twice.

    However, the Cowboys haven't defeated Oklahoma since, and find themselves in the same boat as the Missouri Tigers-Defeat Oklahoma, and win the Big 12.

    Until then, that conference still belongs to the folks in Norman.

Frank Spaziani: Head Coach, Boston College

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    Back in 2009 when Frank Spaziani was hired, he wasn't even the choice for Boston College until Jeff Jagodzinski went against the school and decided to interview for the New York Jets.

    So, Spaziani was basically selected as the Eagles head coach by default.

    Now although he's had to winning seasons, he has yet to beat a ranked team, and has lost to Notre Dame twice in a row.

    Not what B.C. had in mind three years ago. 

Logan Thomas: QB, Virginia Tech

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    Replacing QB Tyrod Taylor at Virginia Tech will be one big task for sophomore Logan Thomas.

    Yes he really hasn't had the opportunity to prove himself just yet, but we're being cynical on this one.

    Maybe he surprises some skeptics (yours truly) this fall, which will only give him more confidence heading into 2012 and thereafter.

    However, he has to answer the call, otherwise it's bench city under Frank Beamer.

Connecticut Huskies

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    2010, was a year to remember for UConn football fans as they won the Big East en route to their first BCS Bowl appearance.

    They definitely overachieved, but in the BCS qualifiers weakest conference, the Huskies were dominated by Oklahoma.

    That said, their head coach is gone, as is RB Jordan Todman.

    Let's put it this way-If 2011 is an encore performance, it will be another underdog story.

Ron Zook: Head Coach, Illinois

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    Ron Zook has been as Illinois since 2005, and the 9-4 record in 2007 was as good as it got.

    Even while he was the man in charge in Florida, the Gators best year was only 8-5.

    And we all know that's unacceptable in Gainesville.

    As for Champaign, Ill., they need to raise their expectations.

Quintin McCree: WR, Maryland

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    For the Terps to improve on their 9-4 campaign in 2010, WR Quentin McCree needs to become a vital go-to man for QB Danny O'Brien.

    And now, he must become the threat as Torrey Smith and Adrian Cannon are gone to the NFL/graduation.

    He has a chance to establish himself because Maryland could have a solid ground game, but McCree needs to hit the ground running regardless.

Iowa Hawkeyes

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    QB Ricky Stanzi is gone, WR Derrell Johnson-Koulianos is gone, and so is DE Adrian Clayborn.

    That's a lot of talent leaving a team that only managed to finish 8-5 (4-4) in 2010.

    If the Hawkeyes are to replicate that season (or do better), RB Adam Robinson and WR Marvin McNutt better have career years.

    In addition, junior QB James Vandenberg must perform magically.

Rick Neuheisel: Head Coach, UCLA

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    Not since the days of Marques Tuiasosopo (yeah I went there) has Rick Neuheisel seen a legitimate season in college football.

    Then after the 2002 season with the Washington Huskies, Neuheisel left the college ranks until 2008 when he came back with UCLA.

    To say the least, his success now is nothing compared to his days in Washington or Colorado.

Keith Price: QB, Washington

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    Although Jake Locker under-performed in 2010, we can't really expect too much from Keith Price in 2011.

    Sure he's only going to be a sophomore, but unless he proves to mature quicker than anticipated, it's going to be a long season in the Great Northwest.

    A lot will ride on how well he performs against Nebraska, Stanford, Oregon, and USC. 

Colorado Buffaloes

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    Five season's have passed since Colorado's last winning season (7-6 in 2005).

    Somehow they managed to win the Big 12 North in 2004 and 2005, but were demolished beyond fathomable thought by the Oklahoma Sooners.

    Since, the Buffs' have only managed a record of 21-40 with one bowl appearance.

    As for their conference relocation to the newly aligned Pac-12?

    It won't matter.

Dennis Erickson: Head Coach, Arizona State

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    Upon his departure from Oregon State in 2002, Dennis Erickson should have retired.

    His stint in the NFL was God awful, and once he came back to college, he inherited a 10-win season with Arizona State in 2007.

    Since, the Sun Devils have been on the decline, and it's safe to say Erickson has lost his touch.

Cody Johnson: RB, Texas

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    Cody Johnson is going to be a senior this season for the Longhorns, and 2010 was his best season.

    He only totaled 592 rushing yards with six TDs, and he was barely used in the passing game.

    Yes, a lot is riding on the shoulders of QB Garrett Gilbert, but other QBs on this list have/had a solid Brahma Bull behind them.

    Gilbert however, does not with Cody Johnson.

Tulsa Golden Hurricane

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    Believe it or not, but the Tulsa Golden Hurricane has had a fair amount of success in college football.

    As of recent they've relished under Steve Kragthorpe (2005-06), and Todd Graham (2007-10).

    Well, they again begin a new era with Bill Blankenship at the helm.

    For one, no head coach has stayed at Tulsa longer than eight years (John Cooper 1977-84, and Glenn Dobbs 1961-68), both of whom had great success.

    Add in their recent success, and the odds are against Blankenship fairing well in Tulsa.

Derek Dooley: Head Coach, Tennessee

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    From 2007-09, Derek Dooley was the head coach for Louisiana Tech where he went 17-20.

    His first season in Tennessee was 6-7, but only 3-5 in conference.

    Obviously it's the SEC so he will need some time to adapt, but his name doesn't give off a vibe like he's an SEC coach.

    Steve Spurrier, Nick Saban, Les Miles, those sound like they belong in the SEC, not Derek Dooley.

    Now although the name doesn't really reflect anything, it seems kind of desperate to hire a guy from the WAC with a losing record.

Jacory Harris: QB, Miami (Fla.)

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    It was odd to see how quickly how many people jumped on his Heisman-bandwagon after his beginning in 2009.

    Then he faltered in 2010, and is on the verge on completely losing his starting role for 2011.

    So much for wearing that pink suit to the Heisman ceremony.

North Carolina Tar Heels

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    It was the right move to fire Butch Davis, but it happened at the wrong time.

    So the school is out only a couple million dollars or whatever, but where does that leave UNC football.

    Out to dry that is.

    Now the season is on the horizon, and they have to rely on an interim HC in Everett Withers.

    Might as well skip to basketball season in Chapel Hill.

Pat Hill: Head Coach, Fresno State

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    It's been the only head coaching position Pat Hill has ever held, and he has done great things for the Fresno State University football program.

    He's only had two losing seasons in 14 years, and even got the Bulldogs to finish No. 22 in 2004.

    Thing is, he's only had one season of 10 wins or more (11-3 in 2001), and has never really taken Fresno to the next level.

    Almost every year you can count on them being anywhere from 7-6 to 9-4, but at some point, there has to be a leap of faith.

    Until then, Pat Hill is always just going to be above average (at best), which is a shame for a guy who possesses the potential to take his program to uncharted waters.

Barrett Trotter: QB, Auburn

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    Can't expect too much from a guy who backed Cam Newton in 2010.

    And, in no way, shape, or form is Barrett Trotter going to match Newton's law.

    It's going to be even more difficult for college football fans to transition from Cam, so you can't really expect anyone (other than those affiliated with Auburn football) to believe in Trotter.

    He's going into the national and SEC spotlight with virtually no experience.

    At least Newton went to Florida, then had some JUCO accolades.

Ohio State Buckeyes

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    It will be tough trying to accept Ohio State as a Big Ten title contender this year.

    For all that's happened, believing that they'll be in contention by season's end is too far-fetched.

    Luke Fickell has excellent potential as a coach, but the integrity of the program is resting on his shoulders.

    The good news is that Urban Meyer is available.

    2012 can't come soon enough for the Buckeye faithful.

Bill Snyder: Head Coach, Kansas State

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    From 1989 through 2005, Bill Snyder coached for Kansas State, took a few years off, and has been back since 2009.

    In his first stint, Bill saw much success from 1993-03 where his Wildcats finished ranked 10 out of the 11 years in that span (six in the top ten coaches poll).

    However, Kansas State gradually went downhill in 2004 and 2005 (9-13, 4-12 in conference) so he retired.

    And he should have stayed retired, because including those dismal two years in 2004-05, he's only been 13-12 since (7-9 in conference).

    He had a terrific run, but this needs to end before it becomes Brett Favre-esque.

Utah Utes

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    During the Urban Meyer era, and now the Kyle Whittingham era, the Utah Utes have arguably been the best non-AQ school.

    In addition, you could argue their dominance against most BCS schools as well.

    And now, we get to see them in the Pac-12 with the likes of Oregon and Stanford.

    Utes fans will undoubtedly remain loyal regardless of how 2011 pans out.

    However, even the Pac-12's mid-level schools like Oregon State and Arizona will be rough.


    Because they're not Wyoming, New Mexico, UNLV, or Colorado State.

    This will be an eye-opening experienced year for the Utah Utes.