Tennessee Football 2012 Commits: Derek Dooley's Best so Far

John WhiteCorrespondent IIIJuly 29, 2011

Tennessee Football 2012 Commits: Derek Dooley's Best so Far

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    Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley has been off to a slow start in recruiting.

    The rest of the SEC has been nailing promising commits right and left, ensuring that their respectable programs will stay stocked with stallions of the highest caliber.

    But is Dooley really lagging behind, or is he doing exactly what he needs to do to make sure that the orange contingent stays consistent with the level of SEC caliber of competition?

    Let's take a quick look at who he has lured in to wear the orange and white.

DE LaTroy Lewis

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    Again, how do Rivals and Scout get this wrong?

    They have this kid listed as a 3-star recruit. Scout has him listed at No. 50 on the national scale. This 6'4" 235 lb. monster is nothing short of power or speed.

    I would dare say this kid could top the 5-star mark if he was being actively recruited by a school of higher prominence as of late. He is a relentless pass-rusher and can easily slip blocks with uncanny speed.

    When he is being double-teamed, he can easily push through in a matter if seconds. This is Derek Dooley's best sneaky pick by far.

QB Nathan Peterman

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    This is again where recruiting agencies get it wrong. Stack this guy against the No.1 QB in Gunner Kiel, and you may find yourself wondering if this whole star ranking is worth its weight.

    Looking at Peterman you will see a QB that can scramble, stay in the pocket, run or shoot under pressure. I predict that by fall, he will have earned that extra star and shown how similar he is to another standout like the Gatorade National Player of the Year Justin Worley (who also happened to be a three star).

    I am really becoming a fan of Derek Dooley's lazy-type recruiting.

OLB Justin King

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    Never mind the fact that he is a QB and a WR. He is nothing but versatile to the 10th power.

    How does a young man of this caliber get left behind in the national standing? By his listed position, he can spread himself across the field fast enough to justify his 4.5 40-yard dash.

    He can also drop back with extraordinary field vision that only a slash QB could demonstrate. I see him becoming a great player just because of his ability to telegraph plays.

RB Alden Hill

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    OK, you've heard about Imani Cross. Now there is this guy.

    Every great RB needs speed that's a given, but what you really need is a guy that can shed tacklers.

    Well, this is the guy.

    With multiple defenders on him, he can easily escape, but he is also superb at busting through quick grabs and low hits. One spring with a decent RB coach and he will compete for starting position.

DT Damien Jacobs

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    Here is the JuCo welcome.

    A fast big man that leaves you wondering how fast he would be 10 to 15 lbs. lighter than his 300 lbs considering he is already moving across the field at a 4.9 40-yard.

    He has tremendous moves for someone so heavy. He can spin under a strong tackle with the ease of a seasoned veteran and doesn't seem to mind double-teaming. Expect a redshirt but it will be well worth the wait.

WR Drae Bowles

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    No video, sorry. But check out the interview anyway.

    Drae Bowles out of Jackson TN is a great steel by Dooley. Virtually everybody in the SEC has been hot after Bowles for his great speed and receiving skills.

    Tennessee's WR coach Charlie Baggett gets the credit here regardless. He courted the youngster with promises of education and the ability to play quick and that was enough.

    You should see the All-State WR/OLB challenge early as he is equably strong as he is fast. Preliminary reports are that 37 schools were offering. So pray Baggett stays busy.

    Good job VOLS.