Pac-12 Football 2011: Power Ranking the Conference's Stadiums

Maiah HollanderContributor IIIJuly 27, 2011

Pac-12 Football 2011: Power Ranking the Conference's Stadiums

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    What makes game day special is more than the tailgating party, the rabid fan bases, or even the game itself—it's the stadiums that they are played in.

    The Pac-12 is known for its unique stadiums, boasting some impressive fan experiences and some pretty wacky traditions.

    We dare to rank the Pac-12 stadiums based on the following criteria: fan quality, location, weather and history/tradition, and if you don't like it…head to your favorite one and make some noise!

1. Husky Stadium

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    The tiebreaker that puts Husky Stadium at No. 1 is how fans come to the game; is there any cooler arrival than docking your boat on Lake Washington and having the UW crew team ferry you to shore?

    I think not. 

2. The Rose Bowl

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    You can almost touch the tradition that seeps from the Rose Bowl.

    While recent years have seen a mediocre product on the field, the history and the beauty of the Rose Bowl cannot be denied. 

3. Autzen Stadium

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    It's all about the crowd noise in Autzen—earplugs are recommended.

    The Ducks' football program has finally caught up with its rabid fanbase…opponents beware the Quack Attack!

4. The Coliseum

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    Two Olympic games were held here, and the Trojans historically have been one of the great college football programs.

    Opposing fans invariably leave the Coliseum with the echoes of Conquest reverberating in their ears.

5. Folsom Field

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    What other stadium's tradition includes a 2,000 pound buffalo stampeding (with handlers, of course) across the field before each game?

    If that doesn't get you excited then the beautiful surroundings will. 

6. Sun Devil Stadium

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    If the Sun Devils are having a bad game or a down season, the male population can take solace: The ladies from ASU are consistently voted the hottest in the country.

    Binoculars should be a required part of this stadium's experience. 

7. Arizona Stadium

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    Night games in the Arizona desert bring out a great student section; they are a passionate and vocal bunch that gives the Wildcats a tremendous home-field advantage. 

8. Rice-Eccles Stadium

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    The rest of the Pac will be seeing red when they head to Utah this year.

    It is a sight to behold when the entire Rice-Eccles crowd is decked out in red to support their Utes.

    By the way, the team is pretty darn good too. 

9. Reser Stadium

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    From the fans' choreographed first down chant to their famous Halloween Eve "blackout," Reser has been a difficult place for opposing teams to navigate.

    The stadium itself could use a little TLC, however. 

10. Stanford Stadium

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    This beautiful new stadium is appreciated by all who have attended Cardinal games—opposing fans, unfortunately, make up a huge portion of the "all."

    What is the point of a brand new stadium if there is so little support from the locals?

11. Martin Stadium

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    From its location in the middle of nowhere, to the all too frequent frigid weather conditions, Martin Stadium is not a Pac-12 travel gem. Ice doesn't make for good traction.

    Coupled with a team that has struggled for any wins the last few years, the hardcore fans that keep showing up are to be commended.

California Memorial Stadium*

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    The Golden Bears are playing their home games this year at AT&T Park in San Francisco due to much-needed renovations to their stadium and its infrastructure.

    Memorial Stadium, with its views of the San Francisco Bay, will be sorely missed in 2011. 


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    Pac-12 stadiums have a special appeal that the rest of the college football world has a hard time recognizing; but with a lucrative new TV contract providing unprecedented national exposure, this will all soon change.

    For you Pac-12 fans, make a better effort to get out and support your team. For the rest, you better get to know this conference quick. 

    The SEC, Big 12 and Big Ten stadiums are officially on notice—it's not the size that counts, but how you use them!