Missouri-Kansas State: Good, Bad, and Sleezy

Matt ThielSenior Analyst INovember 5, 2008

So, we went down to Waco and kicked some ass. OK, not really. We got away with a win, and it was a steal.

Do we have a defense? Baylor's offense ran all over us, and our D stunk worse then a carney. Baylor. Seriously, effing Baylor.

We better get it together or we will be settling for the Double Dave's Pepperoni Bowl. I know it doesn't exist, but God, I wish it did. Mmm, pepperoni rolls. Contract Fan Mackey would be tailgating there for a month straight.

Now that this week is behind us, let us now focus on K State and another Good, Bad, and Sleezy.


K State is garbage. We should be all over this team like ugly on a baboon's ass. K State is 1-4 in the conference and has only one win on the road all season. Mizzou needs to have a great showing and establish dominance .

Chase Daniel should throw about 10 TDs and the defense should shut them out. So the Mizzou win should be right around, ohhhh, 91-0.


We need a lot of help to get into the BCS Championship game—so much so that it there is a better chance of Big Head seeing his penis for the first time in seven years than we do making the National Title game. But hey, stranger things have happened.

K State is one of those teams that can never get it together. They always have one great player, but that is about it.


Just like with Baylor, I am having a hard time finding material on K State. Even Baylor, which is a Baptist university, had more eye candy than this place.

So since K State sucks major balls and is full of prudes, the only thing that I could find is this one party with K State girls. These dumb broads can't even work the camera right...The one in yellow is kinda hot...