Worry Not Penn State, the BCS Hasn't Gotten it Wrong... Yet

Tim MusserContributor INovember 5, 2008

I know, fellow Penn State fans, that you are, to put it lightly, infuriated about getting the proverbial shaft by the BCS in getting jumped by previous number six, Texas Tech, after they squeaked by Texas this past week.

I'm not going to sit here and lie to you.  I guarantee that I was just as irritated, if not more, than you.

I know you're probably wondering what my deal is because I said "was."  I've come to terms with it and not just because I've acknowledged that the BCS is out of Penn State's hands and the end all be all in the FBS.

I'm content with the latest BCS rankings right now, and I'll let you in on my secret for reaching the nirvana that is complacency with the current rankings.

Get over it!

Before you begin constructing your crosses, gallows, and other instruments of torture and sending me invitations to let you know which one makes me look less fat, I want to say that, essentially, this week's standings are irrelevant.

Texas Tech, even if they jump to number three, moving Penn State up one spot to two, still faces number nine Oklahoma State, number six Oklahoma, and ends with an easy win against Baylor.  Should Tech run the gauntlet, they will also have to win the Big XII Championship game.

With the exception of Baylor, of course, these are much tougher games than Penn State's remaining schedule of Iowa, Indiana, and Michigan State.

Penn State will run the table, and they have to. Fans have to admit that National Championship aspirations would be utterly unreasonable if the Nittany Lions lose one of their remaining games.

As painful as it is for me to say it, should Texas Tech end up with the Big XII Championship, they would deservedly jump Penn State anyway.

It's Texas Tech, and their schedule is too tough, therefore, they will likely lose, securing Penn State at number two, and Okie State won't jump that high, nor will the Sooners, should either of them be the one to knock off the Red Raiders.

This would be enough security for Penn State to reach the National Championship, but against whom?

Alabama heads to LSU this week and will likely play a conference championship against Florida, after their annual meeting with Auburn.  Assuming they stay undefeated through these games, they may have a chance.

Do not fear fellow Penn State fans, our beloved Nittany Lions will be in the BCS Championship game in Miami this year, but they could end up facing Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Texas Tech, or USC, and if strange things lie ahead, there's a possibility for Oklahoma State and Utah to squeak in there.

Regardless, put down your hammers, nails, and tying nooses for dummies books, because I assure you that the BCS standings this week are nothing to lose sleep, or cease my existence, over and the Lions will rise again.

I must say, however, one scenario scares me.  If Oklahoma would end as Texas Tech's only loss, we should watch out, because Oklahoma as number six is high enough to make the jump to number two with a high profile win over Texas Tech.