Connor Wood Leaving Longhorns? Speculation over the Texas Football QB Growing

Craig ChapmanCorrespondent IJuly 23, 2011

Case McCoy (6) and Connor Wood (18), courtesy of the Austin American-Statesman
Case McCoy (6) and Connor Wood (18), courtesy of the Austin American-Statesman

Since the 2010 college football season ended, there has been much talk about the Texas Longhorns quarterback situation. One subject that has been kept quiet publicly but openly discussed in my articles is the issue of a potential transfer. I fully expected a quarterback to leave, and speculation about that subject has begun to permeate through Austin.

Speculation has begun to spread that Connor Wood, a redshirt freshman from Second Baptist in Houston, will transfer. This is a surprise to most since the starting quarterback hasn't been announced yet, and this suggests that head coach Mack Brown and offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin have already made their decision behind closed doors.

This could mean a lot of things and might give us an insight into the depth chart. After looking at what happened last season, the starter will be on a short leash, so being named the backup to Case McCoy or Garrett Gilbert wouldn't be enough for him to bail.

If this talk is true, then it leads me to believe two things: Wood's the third-string starter, and he firmly believes he can start at another Division I school.

It would be a shame to lose Wood to another school, but this has been a running dialogue in the past 10 years at Texas. Jevan Snead transferred to Ole Miss after being the backup to Colt McCoy during the 2006 season, and G.J. Kinne transferred to Tulsa when he was listed as fourth on the depth chart before the 2008 season.

Wood's story is likely to follow Kinne's if he doesn't believe he's getting the right opportunities as a Longhorns quarterback. Wood is a very talented quarterback and will find success wherever he goes, even if he remains at the University of Texas.

At this point, I know some of you may be asking, "If Connor is so talented, then why is he unable to dethrone two quarterbacks, possibly three, who haven't shown much success on the field?" This is a fair question and could be attributed to many things.

Stubbornness to keep the status quo has been a reputation of Mack Brown. The 2010 Kansas State game is proof enough to that assertion.

Garrett Gilbert threw for 272 yards with five interceptions, yet, he was the only quarterback to take the field for the Longhorns. A lot of fans were outraged that, even at Gilbert's worst, Case and Connor weren't given a chance to see some playing time.

Was Mack Brown trying to protect Gilbert's confidence, or was he too nervous about starting a quarterback controversy so late into the season? Either way, this attitude could very well play into Wood's decision to stay or go.

Does he fit into the Bryan Harsin system? One thing we saw at Boise State was that its quarterbacks, while not superstars, were wildly accurate with their throws.

The biggest criticism most people have about Wood is his inconsistent accuracy, which we saw flashes of during the spring game in April. If Harsin is the one making the ultimate decision, then it's possible that he sees this as a liability to his offense being successful.

I wish Connor Wood the best of luck, but when it comes to this team, may the best man win.